Student International Verifications

International students, as well as students traveling internationally, often require verifications of enrollment and degree to consular offices. This form will collect the information necessary for the University to compose the verification.

Enrollment and Degree Verification forms contain the following information:

  • Name, Stu ID, Entry Term, Verification Term and Enrollment Status (including number of units), Degree Sought, Major(s), Concentration, Minor(s), Required or Elective Online Course Audit, Transfer Hours Applied to Degree, Total Units Required for Degree (including Earned to Date and Remaining for the Degree), Degree Term Awarded Date.
  • If a student wishes to show enrolled courses as well, this may be printed in PROWL>Student Services>Registration>Student Detail Schedule, and sent by the student separately.

Consulates may have specific forms and ask the University to use them when reporting on student data. The student is encouraged to attach the form(s) to the submission form, but the University will NOT use these forms when responding.

The LMU documentation format contains the information requested in the consular forms and the format is acceptable to the individual consulates.