The Personal Records Online Web Link (PROWL) is a secure web-based, self-service student records solution which the LMU Community uses to register for classes, access academic records, registration information, student accounts, and other University services.

PROWL accounts are life-accounts and are never deactivated. Alumni and former students may request transcripts, view records, and maintain correct contact information after leaving LMU.

Where do I start?

Entering Undergraduate Students:

  • First-Year: all required pre-registration steps will be completed online (Future Lions) throughout May, and registration will take place during an online advising and registration appointment with the student’s advisor.
  • Transfers: registration begins on or after the appointed time as communicated by the Transfer Admission Office and contingent on your deposit date.

    Continuing Undergraduate Students (including Return from Leave):

    • Registration begins on or after the appointed time found in PROWL (Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status). Appointments are based on the number of earned hours and exclude those In Progress.

    Graduate Students:

    • Graduate students receive a registration time assigned in PROWL (Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status).
    • Advising

      LMU instructors serve as academic advisors to assist students in planning programs of study while at LMU. Seeking the guidance of an advisor is not always required, but is helpful to the student when making important academic and career decisions. The advisor‘s name can be found in PROWL (Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status). Advisors hold office hours during the school year or can be contacted through email. See Academic Advising in the Bulletin.

      Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts University Hall 4600 310.338.2716
      College of Business Administration Hilton Building 200 310.338.2731
      College of Communication & Fine Arts St. Robert's Hall 101 310.338.7430
      Frank R. Seaver College of Science & Engineering UG - North Hall 103
      GR - Pereira Hall 100
      School of Film & Television Xavier Hall 323 310.338.3033
      School of Education University Hall 2100 310.258.8768
    • First Time Using PROWL

      Steps for the first-time use

      Your login is your 9-digit LMU ID number (begins with the number 9)

      Your PIN default is your six-digit birth date (MMDDYY).

      As a first-time user, you will be prompted to change your PIN and select a pre-defined security question (you may create your own) and answer.

      Then, three screens are presented to you, all of which have mandatory responses.

      1. Emergency Contact Information – you must enter contact information
      2. LMU Alert – you must enter your alert contact information
      3. Ethnicity – although you do not have to declare an ethnicity, you are required to scroll through the screen and either select or decline to declare an ethnicity.

      After these steps, your account is activated and you may choose from the PROWL offerings or proceed to other University online modules.

      Reset your PROWL PIN here.

    • PROWL Proxy Access

      Proxy Access in PROWL: grant online access to part of your student record to a parent/guardian or other designee.

    • PROWL Security

      PROWL accounts are protected with a user ID and PIN (Personal Identification Number). A student should never share either of these two numbers with anyone else. These are the keys which grant access to your student information. After committing to the University, the student receives 9-digit University ID (all of which begin with the number 9) and it is this ID number which a student uses to access PROWL.

      Security Time-out: After a time of inactivity, PROWL will close and require the user to login again. This is a security feature to protect the confidentiality of student records.

      Failed logins: PROWL is disabled after three invalid attempts at login; if this happens, use Reset your PROWL account.

      Student Use: A student continues to access the system with the University ID and chosen PIN. If a student forgets the PIN, there is a prompt (Forgot PIN?) which will present the security question designated at previous use. The correct answer will allow for the PIN to be reset.

      Contact the LMU Helpdesk for further assistance with PIN resets: 310.338.7777 or

    • PROWL Tutorial
    • Registration and Course Restrictions

      PROWL will display a message when a course has restrictions. You may need to seek a restriction override from your advisor or Associate Dean's Office.

      Students may, in most cases, repeat courses previously taken at LMU but should be aware of academic policy and financial aid policies.

      • Individualized Studies, Internships, Directed Research, and Special Projects cannot be registered for via PROWL. You must submit to the Office of the Registrar a completed and signed Independent Studies form.
      • Pre-requisites: You are responsible for meeting pre-requisite requirements on courses. If you do not have the necessary prerequisites for a course you will not be able to register for that course in PROWL. Exceptions to this policy are requested through the Department chairperson or the Dean's Office.
      • Students Returning from a Leave of Absence: Once the online form is submitted, the Registrar's Office will send the student an email with further information on how to proceed.
      • Students Registering while at Study Abroad: These students will receive a registration time as other continuing students. The registration time is always referenced in Pacific Standard Time and may not be moved for other time zone considerations.
        • Undergraduate students, if eligible, may enroll in 18 or more semester hours with the approval of their Dean’s Office.
          A graduate student may not take more than 15 units in a semester.

      Students with financial aid or other financial awards should consult the full-time financial aid policy.

    • Registration Holds

      PROWL: (Student Services>Registration>View Holds) displays the hold as well as information on how the hold may be removed. You will need to resolve all holds on your record PRIOR to registration. The most common holds are:

      Address and Emergency Contact Hold - Automatically removed as soon as the student submits the necessary information in PROWL: (Personal Information>View>Update Emergency Contact Information).

      Advisor's Hold - Removed by the academic advisor after the student meets for academic advisement

      Controller - Contact the Student Accounts Office

      LMU Alert - Contact the Department of Public Safety

      Off-Campus Student Housing - Contact the Off Campus Housing Office