Placement Exams

Placement Exams for Entering Freshmen and Transfer Students

Online placement exams are available in Math and Modern Languages (Chinese/Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Spanish). The purpose of these exams is to allow us to place you in the proper level of coursework at LMU. Contact your advisor if you are unsure if you should take any placement exams.

  • Freshmen students complete the appropriate placement tests prior to attending orientation; transfers may take the exam after consulting with their advisor or Dean's Office.
  • Students are not allowed to re-test.
  • Freshmen students will receive their test scores at Orientation or by contacting their academic advisor; transfers should contact their advisor.
  • It is up to the advisor to identify the appropriate course based on the student’s major, placement exam results, and the specific math requirement for that major.
  • These tests are taken on the honor system, and they are timed. Using notes, textbooks, a calculator (on the Math test) or assistance from friends or parents may result in serious academic difficulty when the student is placed in a course beyond the appropriate level.

If you have difficulty logging in or creating your MyLMU account, or accessing your tutorial once you have logged in, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 310.338.7777, or by email at When contacting the helpdesk, please provide your LMU ID (in your acceptance letter), a description of your specific problem, and a phone number.

  • This exam is 90 minutes long and the following students must take the exam:

    • Entering Freshmen Students majoring in Liberal Studies, Economics, Business Administration, Engineering, or the Sciences
    • Any students planning to take a math course numbered higher than 104. No placement exam is required for the MATH 102 core class.
    • Transfer Students
    • All students transferring into the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering or the College of Business Administration, or who are Economics majors or Liberal Studies majors, must take the mathematics placement examination unless they have transferred a college algebra, precalculus, or higher level college mathematics class approved by the Mathematics Department before entering LMU.
    • Any student, no matter her/his major, who plans to take MATH 106MATH 112MATH 120MATH 122, or MATH 131, and who has not transferred a college algebra or higher level college mathematics class is required first to take the mathematics placement examination. The mathematics placement examination may be taken only one time.

    An LMU student who has not taken the Math Placement Exam may access it by following these steps:

    1. Log into MyLMU Connect
    2. Open Orientation and Registration Tutorial
    3. Click the Placement Exams link in the left menu navigation
    4. Follow the instructions to access the exams

    Math Results - all possible course placements, in addition to MATH 102/103 and 104, are reported based on the student's score.

  • The language exams are untimed and adaptive, meaning the length will vary depending on your responses, but should take no longer than 30 minutes.

    • Entering Freshmen and Transfer Students who have previously studied a language and intend to continue in college must take the exam.
    • Students starting a foreign language for the first time do not need to take the exam.
    • Any student who wants to take Chinese/Mandarin, French, German, or Spanish and has had previous study or experience in the language.
    • Any student with previous experience in Italian or Japanese should contact the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures for proper placement.
    • Transfer Students: To determine if a language is required by the major program, please contact the Academic Coordinator for your college. A list of all Academic Coordinators can be found on your LMU admitted student website.

    To take a language exam, please contact Debra Wong,