Degree Application

Students inform LMU of their intent to graduate by submitting an application for degree; the University does not submit applications for students. All applicants file for degree in the term in which they qualify to graduate.

Want a refresher on the graduation process at LMU?

CAPP is the official degree audit of the University. A student will not graduate from LMU until CAPP shows all requirements as MET

  • If all requirements are MET, a student may expect the degree posting.
  • For the NOT MET status, CAPP will show the requirement(s) yet to be fulfilled. Students are solely responsible for ensuring that CAPP shows the MET status in order to qualify for a degree. If a student finds that CAPP does not reflect what the student expects to see, s/he should consult with the advisor and/or the Academic Records Coordinator (ARC) for the student's College/School in the Office of the Registrar.
  • A student must ensure that all substitutions and waivers (if any) have been documented, signed, and submitted to the Dean's Office. If the student does not see the change reflected on CAPP within ten business days, s/he should contact the ARC for the student's College/School in the Office of the Registrar.
  • A student's application for degree will be canceled if a grade of Incomplete appears on the transcript. No student may graduate until the Incomplete grade has been replaced by the final grade.

Check the application status

A student should wait ten business days before checking the application status. In PROWL, under Student Records, a link for View Degree Information is available. The application status will show one of four status:

  • Pending Degree. This student's CAPP will show all requirements as MET.
  • Application Entered. Evaluation of CAPP has not yet taken place.
  • Missing Requirements. This CAPP will show NOT MET. It is the student's responsibility to address unmet requirements and should contact the ARC for further assistance. If the application is still MR at the degree date, it will move to CA.
  • Application Canceled. This student must submit an application for a subsequent term and should contact the ARC.

Please allow ten business days for processing of application.


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