What is it?

  • CAPP (Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning) is the online degree audit system for undergraduate and graduate programs at LMU
  • CAPP is the record of progress toward the student's stated degree
  • CAPP evaluates coursework toward the degree; it is not the official record of courses taken at LMU and may not be used to verify enrollment, grades, or GPA

Where do I find it?

  • It is accessed through PROWL: (Student Services > Student Records > CAPP Report)

Why are my current classes not on CAPP? Why can't I see the adjustment that was made?

  • You must select Generate New Evaluation in order to view the most current (updated) version of CAPP.

How can I report an error on CAPP?

  • See your Advisor or Dean's Office.


  • Please ensure that you understand your CAPP fully. CAPP must show that all program requirements have been met before you are able to graduate. Address any issues or exceptions with your advisor, Dean's Office, or with your College's Academic Records Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar. You, as the student, have the responsibility to process all necessary documentation, if needed, to have CAPP read your academic program correctly.
  • CAPP audits the student against the degree program as defined by the Department and College. Any exception(s) to this model requires that an exception form(s) be filed by the student in the Office of the Registrar. Do not wait until your graduation term to file the necessary paperwork; this should be done on an on-going basis.

I need help reading it: