An official transcript is a printed report of a student’s in-progress and completed course academic record at LMU. The official transcript will bear the seal of the university and the signature of the Registrar of the University. LMU does not offer partial or unofficial transcripts. LMU does not currently issue electronic transcripts.

About an LMU Transcript:

  • If you have a Controller’s hold on your record, you will not be allowed to request transcripts. Contact the Student Accounts Office at 310.338.2711 or Once the hold has been removed by that Office, you may make your request.
  • You may request an In-Person pick up at the Office of the Registrar; bring a valid picture ID at the time of pick up. If a student is unable to pick up the transcript, a signed note including the name of the person who will pick up the transcript must be addressed to the Office of the Registrar and faxed or emailed. This note MUST have the requestor's signature and date and must be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar. The third party must bring a valid picture ID at the time of pick up.
  • An in-person, same-day transcript service is available at the Office of the Registrar from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm only. The cost is $10 per transcript issued and the student must make prior payment in the Student Accounts Office in Von der Ahe 250. A picture ID is required for the request which is ready in 30 minutes under normal circumstances.

You may email your question or concern here:

Order by selecting a tab below.

  • Students with PROWL Accounts

    View or Download the Step-by-Step Transcript Request Guide

    Transcript requests require the selection of a Transcript Type (Loyola Marymount University or Loyola Law School) AND a Course Level (Undergraduate or Graduate or Extension).

    For each transcript, you must choose a Type and Level combination. Each combination is a separate transcript request, e.g., LMU & UG course level; LMU & GR course level, etc.

    Overview of the Request Process

    1. Access PROWL(Student Services > Student Records > Request Official Transcript). Reset your account if needed.
      1. Enter a complete mailing address. The system will not issue a transcript to an incomplete or missing address.
      2. Enter the recipient's name (person or office)
      3. Select Transcript Type: Loyola Marymount University or Loyola Law School
      4. Select Course Level: Undergraduate or Graduate or Extension
      5. Choose the delivery method
      6. Review Transcript Request Confirmation
    • Transcripts are printed normally the next business day and sent to the USPS. LMU has no knowledge of the delivery process or its arrival at the destination. Remember that if sending to another university, there will be extra time needed for it to route the transcript to the correct office on their campus.
    • If a transcript is undeliverable to the address you entered, it will be returned to LMU and our office will contact you.
    • If the transcript has not reached the recipient in less than a two-week time frame, please request another transcript through PROWL, ensuring that the address is correct.

    If an additional form (LSDAS, AMCAS, Common App, etc.) must be sent with your transcript request:

    • Ensure that the form has your pre-printed information on it and sign if necessary
    • Scan the form to stating that the form must be matched with your transcript request (or fax 310.338.4466)
    • To guarantee the matching of the form with your transcript, you must do both on the same day.
  • Students with No PROWL - Work completed prior to Fall 1988

    View or Download the Step-by-Step Transcript Clearinghouse Guide

    If you attended one of the following institutions prior to Fall Semester 1988, place your order through the Student Clearinghouse.

    • Loyola Marymount University
    • Loyola University of Los Angeles
    • Marymount College
    • St. Vincent's College

    Overview of the Request Process

    1. Access the Student Clearinghouse site
    2. Select the "Order-Track-Verify" tab
    3. Select Loyola Marymount University from the drop-down
    4. Transcript Ordering Information
    5. Enter Your Personal Information
    6. Additional Information
    7. Select Recipient
    8. Enter Receipt Details
    9. Review Recipients
    10. Process your Request
    11. Payment Screen - a request made through this system costs $2.25. You may request multiple transcripts under this single charge.

    The NSC will send you e-mail confirmations of receipt, processing, and mailing for each transcript request. You may also track the status of your transcript order and order history on the "Order-Track-Verify" tab.

  • Students with Extension Courses only

    Students who have taken Extension courses at LMU will order using the directions on the PROWL or PRE-PROWL tabs.

    For students with Extension enrollments, please follow these steps prior to ordering.

    • Use your LMU ID Number (9xxxxxxxx) and PIN to access your record on PROWL
      • If you do not know or remember your LMU ID number, contact the LMU Extension office at 310.338.1971.
      • If you know your ID but have forgotten your PIN, you may reset it by contacting LMU Help Desk at 310-338-7777 or You must know your Student ID to request a reset of your PIN.
    • Check to see that your final grades have been posted to PROWL (Student Records>Final Grades) or (Student Records>View Unofficial Transcript)
      • If your final grades have not been posted, do not request a transcript, and contact the LMU Extension office at 310.338.1971. The LMU Transcript Services Desk is not able to help you with questions concerning the status of your grades or other questions concerning the Extension courses you took. All questions need to be directed to the LMU Extension office at 310.338.1971.
    • If your final grades have been posted, order using the directions on the PROWL or No PROWL tab.