Recommended Websites on Assessment


Though it’s labeled for psychology programs, the content is clearly applicable to all academic programs. Includes a helpful section on avoiding assessment pitfalls.

  Check out several valuable resources, including multiple examples of successful academic program assessment.
  Exceptional site with many examples that describe department-specific learning outcomes, assessment plans and more for this Jesuit university in Wisconsin.
  One of the most extensive lists of links related to assessment, grouped by topic (e.g. rubrics, outcomes planning). Check out the links to university sites that host discipline-specific assessment plans. While most plans are sound examples of assessment plans, a few are not.
                    A peer-reviewed electronic journal. “Its purpose is to provide access to refereed articles that can have a positive impact on assessment, research, evaluation, and teaching practice.”
  Educators at St. Cloud offer a valuable schematic defining ‘goal attainment’ at different junctures in a student’s career. Also helpful is the ‘Ten Step Plan’ which includes guiding questions to be used by faculty who need to collaborate on writing an effective and sustainable assessment plan. Finally, ‘Strategies for Change’ provides an example of how to use assessment evidence to effect curricular change, i.e. ‘closing the loop.’
  Outlining a comprehensive approach to assessment planning, University of Washington provides the rationale and methods - as well as concrete examples - for developing program-level learning outcomes, curricular maps as well as descriptions of direct and indirect methods.
  WASC’s Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities is responsible for the evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of colleges and universities offering the baccalaureate degree and above in California, Hawaii, Guam and the Pacific Basin. WASC is LMU’s accrediting agency.