Internal Assessment Grant

Internal Assessment Grant

This grant program began in 2009 in response to faculty requests for more support for assessment work. The 2018 grants provided funding for a limited number of program assessment activities during the summer months.  A PDF of the 2018 Call for Proposals can be downloaded by clicking here.

Call for Proposals

Application Deadline: May 31, 2018


Purpose: The purpose of these grants is to support faculty work in assessment of student learning outcomes within academic programs.

Award: Grants will be awarded for up to $1000 per project until funds are expended.

Use of Funds: Funds may be used for program assessment activities that otherwise could not be completed during the academic year. Possible uses include assessment planning activities (e.g., in a department retreat), purchase of assessment resources (e.g., books, software, etc.), stipends for evaluation of student work products (e.g., portfolios, capstone experiences, etc.), development of assessment methods (e.g., rubric, exam, survey, etc.), and analysis of assessment data.

Eligibility: Stipends will be awarded only to continuing full-time tenured/tenure-track or clinical faculty. Priority will be given to first time applicants. Department chairs and program directors who receive a summer stipend for their role are ineligible for a stipend under this grant.

Exclusions: Funds may not be used for assessment work that is being funded by other sources or for projects that have been previously supported through this program.

Application Deadlines: Applications will be accepted on a continuing basis until May 31, 2018, or until funds are expended. Review of applications will begin on March 15, 2018.

Grant Applications: All applications should include the following:

  1. Academic Department and Program.
  2. Name(s) of faculty member(s) responsible for the proposed assessment work.
  3. Description of project, including learning outcomes to be examined, action steps, timeline for completion, and an explanation of why this work must be completed in the summer months.
  4. Statement of how the proposed assessment work fits into the program’s overall assessment plan. If a Summer Assessment Grant has been awarded to the program in a prior year, please explain how this proposal connects to or builds upon the work completed for that award.
  5. Budget for project presented as a list of planned expenditures, including any stipends.
  6. Description of how the success of the proposed project will be determined.
  7. A brief statement of support from the Department Chair that indicates how the proposed project will contribute to the ongoing assessment work of the Department.

Review Procedures: Submit applications via email to Laura Massa, Director of Assessment, at The Assessment Advisory Committee will review all applications.

Grant Summary: Faculty awarded a grant will submit a grant summary by September 7, 2018 to Laura Massa, Director of Assessment, at The grant summary must include a summary of completed activities, a reflection on the success of the project, and the next steps to be taken in the assessment plan for the program.

Disbursement of Grant Funds: Awarded goods and materials may be purchased on or after June 1, 2018. Upon request the goods and materials will be purchased for you, or you will be reimbursed following submission of receipts. Stipends will be disbursed upon submission of the grant summary.