Previous Summer Assessment Grant Recipients

Congratulations to all of our past Summer Assessment Grant recipients on their hard work and dedication to improving assessment efforts in their programs. Below you will find the 2018 grant awardees and descriptions of their projects.

Program: Animation
Faculty recipient: Adriana Jaroszewicz
Project: Development of a survey analysis plan and rubric for two Animation program learning outcomes

Program: Asian and Pacific Studies
Faculty recipient: Yanjie Wang
Project: Assessment of Asian and Pacific Studies thesis projects in light of program learning outcomes

Program: Counseling
Faculty recipient: Fernando Estrada
Project: Development of assessment materials to determine writing proficiency in a professional counseling context at LMU

Program: History
Faculty recipients: Najwa Al-Qattan, Constance Chen, and Nick Rosenthal
Project: Development and application of a rubric for assessing History students' creation of historial arguments and narratives

Program: Marketing
Faculty recipient: Aidin Namin
Project: Adapting and applying the Oral Communication VALUE Rubric for assessing marketing majors' presentation skills

Program: Mathematics
Faculty recipients: Anna Bargagliotti and Christina Eubanks-Turner
Project: Development of an exit survey for students in the MAT in Teaching Mathematics program

Program: Mathematics
Faculty recipients: Michael Berg, Karen Ellis, and Edward Mosteig
Project: Analyzing assessment data for undergraduate Mathematics and MAT in Teaching Mathematics learning outcomes

Program: Sociology
Faculty recipients: Stephanie Limoncelli and Rachel Washburn
Project: Development and application of a rubric for assessing Sociology students' critical analysis of contemporary social issues

Program: Theatre Arts
Faculty recipient: Leon Wiebers
Project: Development of a rubric for assessing skills in Theatre Arts courses in the Design and Technical area

Program: Yoga Studies
Faculty recipients: Chris Chapple, Lori Fazzio, and Urmila Patil
Project: Revision of Yoga Studies program learning outcomes and assessment plan

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