Surveys & Evaluation

Welcome to the Surveys & Evaluation homepage

LMU Surveys and Evaluation provides leadership and support in the development and administration of campus surveys and methods of evaluating teaching effectiveness. Central to these aims, the Associate Director of Survey Research provides the following:

  • Leadership and support in the University’s participation and analysis of national student and faculty surveys.
  • Workshops, consulting, and other educational opportunities that enhance the knowledge and skills of faculty and staff in developing surveys appropriate for their research needs.
  • Leadership and coordination in the development and administration of policies related to the administration of surveys to members of the LMU community.
  • Development of valid and innovative methods for evaluating teaching effectiveness
  • Oversight in the administration of the course evaluation process

This website contains several resources on survey development and effective methods of evaluating teaching effectiveness. For information on survey consulting, contact the Associate Director of Survey Research


Qualtrics on various screens
Qualtrics is a web-based survey software. Users can create, edit, and distribute the simplest to most complex surveys and generate custom reports.
The Surveys & Evaluation team maintains a library full of Qualtrics and survey design resources, including answers to your most frequently asked questions.
Qualtrics allows you to use display logic and embedded data to create surveys that are customized to your unique respondents.
Qualtrics allows you to schedule survey invitations and reminders to launch on specific dates and times.
The top 5 ways you could be annoying your respondents...
Here are some tips for optimizing your survey for mobile compatibility