Student Office Assistants

Student Office Assistant 

Nathalie Yacoub 
My name is Nathalie Yacoub, I am a Junior majoring in International Relations. I was born in Cairo, Egypt and my favorite food would have to be Egyptian stuffed grape leaves as they are delicious! I’ve had so much interest about the world and the many cultures it entails; because of that, I decided to join the Study Abroad Office team during fall 2021. I wanted to become a member of a group of informative student assistants who can help the LMU student body become more familiar with the diverse Study Abroad programs our college holds. One fun fact about me is that I’m trilingual! This has pushed me to explore many cultures and fall in love with the similarities between where I come from and everywhere else.

Where do you want to study abroad?
I would love to study abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France as I am interested in the French culture and would like an opportunity where I can strengthen my language skills. Southern France is very beautiful and an inspirational place to be. Therefore, spending sometime there studying would be a transformative experience.