The Study Abroad Office

The overarching mission of the LMU Study Abroad Office is to enhance the internationalization of our students in keeping with the institutional mission of “educating the whole person.” This is accomplished by:

  • Encouraging all LMU students to seek out and participate in a credit bearing international program during their LMU experience.
  • Establishing broad financial access to as many of our programs as possible.
  • Providing meaningful and empowering academic, cultural and security preparation for all students going abroad.
  • Working with academic, administrative and service offices across the campus to ensure Study Abroad programming meets the curricular needs of LMU students while connecting with LMU’s Jesuit and Marymount traditions. 

Why should LMU students study abroad?

Graduating students in the 21st century will face an increasingly small, complex and integrated world and incorporating a credit-earning overseas experience is key to the development of:

  • Managing cross-cultural communication through independence, problem-solving and critical-thinking in an international environment.
  • Developing skill sets in second language learning and/or cultural understanding.
  • Establishing a strong identity and setting a student’s resume apart from others’ when applying for graduate school and/or professional positions.

LMU Study Abroad Options:

LMU Summer Study Abroad programs are typically two to five weeks and provide a rich academic experience complemented by short cultural excursions. Students can take core and specialized courses for which they will receive LMU credit and grades. Each program is led by LMU faculty members whose expertise in the country and subject matter give a lasting perspective of your host country and provide a strong academic foundation. 

LMU Semester Study Abroad programs provide unparalleled opportunities to learn in a distinctive setting, experience a new culture, and become a global citizen. Spending three to four months abroad is the perfect way to really get to know a new city, a new country, and potentially a new language. You will study with LMU classmates and learn from LMU faculty and local instructors. LMU semester programs offer a range of core and specialized courses, for which you will earn LMU credit and grades.

LMU Exchange semester programs allow LMU students to spend a semester studying at carefully selected institutions of higher education around the world. An exchange program is an exceptional opportunity to enhance your college experience and become fully immersed in another culture. You will live and study with students from the host country. Academically, you will be challenged by learning a new language – if you choose – or exploring an array of unique course offerings that count as transfer credit toward your LMU degree. 

AJCU semester programs Loyola Marymount University is a member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU), which has a common mission and belief in the development of the whole person and a commitment to social justice, service and leadership development. The LMU Study Abroad Office highlights several AJCU semester study abroad programs, which have been selected to meet LMU standards and often provide core credits.

Direct Enroll semester programs Loyola Marymount University has highlighted opportunities to enroll directly into institutions of higher learning abroad for a semester.  These programs add to the LMU portfolio in that they meet certain geographic and curricular needs.  

Non-Featured semester programs LMU has approved for transfer credit some semester study abroad programs that meet specific academic or geographic need.  For non-featured semester programs, aid accessibility is different. Institutional aid does not apply to these programs and student may be able to use some (not all) federal and state aid with additional paperwork.