International Education Week 2020

LMU Study Abroad celebrates International Education Week!

Check out the programming below from LMU, and our international partners.


Monday 11/16

9:00 AM PST: SIT event:Perspectives from the Global South: Education, Democracy, and Equity after COVID-19

11: 00 AM PST: Study Abroad Session: LMU in Germany Program

12:30 - 1:00 PM PST: IAU France event: CCIS Live Virtual Site Tour of Aix-en-Provence, followed by a Q&A

Tuesday 11/17

9:00 AM PST: SIT event: SIT Graduate Institute Webinar - MA & Certificate Programs

10:30 AM PST: IAU France event: Learn about Aix-en-Provence program

2:00 PM PST: Study Abroad Live Chat with a Peer Advisor

3:30 PM PST: Global Conversations 

Together with the Augsburg University Center for Global Education and Experience, LMU presents "Global Conversations," an opportunity to follow familiar conversations in what might be unfamiliar places. Student Activism in Nicaragua. Black Lives Matter in Costa Rica. Police Brutality in Guatemala. Join us for an afternoon of solidarity and social justice as we hear from three inspirational women and learn how these conversations in the United States are happening in Central America. This EXP event for Global Citizenship is co-sponsored by Global-Local Initiatives, LMU Study Abroad, Center for Service in Action, Student Success, and the Office of International Students and Scholars


Wednesday 11/18

2:00 PM PST: Study Abroad Q&A Session: General Planning Tips

6:00 PM PST: OISS presents: Pasta Cook Along


Thursday 11/19

10:00 AM PST: Study Abroad Session: Domestic Options and the Washington Center

11:00 AM PST: SIT Event: Careers in International Education

1:00 - 2:00 PM PST: ONIF presents - Imagine the Possibilities: Reflections on Global Fellowship Experiences

1:30 PM PST - IAU France event: Learn about Aix-en-Provence program


Friday 11/20

10:00 AM PST: SIT event: SIT Alumni Spotlight: Conversations on Education & Social Change

3:30 PM PST: Study Abroad Session: LMU Summer Abroad Programs