Planning Guide

Want to expand your worldview, learn more about yourself, and enhance the value of your college degree all while earning academic credit? You've come to the right place! 

It is never too early to begin planning your study abroad experience. Review the five phases of Study Abroad below, and prepare yourself for a study abroad program that fits your academic needs and personal interests.


Set Personal & Academic Goals

Discover Programs

Research Funding Study Abroad

Attend the LMU Study Abroad Fair in fall

Student Experiences



Choose a Program

Start an Application

Submit the Transfer Course Review Form (If applicable)

Request Recommendations

Get Academic Approval


Choose Courses

Apply for Housing

Research Host Country/Culture

Determine Visa Requirements

Attend Orientations

Book Flights

Go Abroad!

Enjoy being Abroad

Send us a Post Card

Health & Safety While Abroad


Confirm Coursework

Overcome Reverse Culture Shock

Attend Lessons from Abroad

Leverage Study Abroad

Submit your Story 

Submit Photos