Faculty Policies and Responsibilities


a. Application

i. To secure your teaching position on a current Study Abroad program, please complete and submit the faculty application, found here.

b. Pre-Departure Phase

i. Curricular approval of all courses for which the faculty member will be the instructor of record. This should be done for both the home and other possible cross-listed departments.
ii. Co-advising students on curricular and academic needs.
iii. Possible role in approving student participation.
iv. In collaboration with faculty, program directors, and the study abroad office, serving as a key participant in student recruitment.

1. Notably, this includes the LMU Study Abroad fair in the Fall.

v. Assuring the timely ordering and processing of texts or supplemental materials needed for courses.
vi. Timely communication with Study Abroad team regarding budgetary needs for co-curricular programming.
vii. Attending LMU Study Abroad Faculty Health and Safety Seminar.
viii. Attending program pre-departure meeting for students.
ix. Familiarizing yourself with LMU’s emergency insurance policy, ACE Travel Assistance. Click here for more information.

c. While Abroad

i. Keep in mind that teaching on a program abroad entails a broader scope of employment than here on campus. These extra responsibilities are outlined below:

1. Serve as core curricular “heart” of your program.
2. Serve as an LMU liaison for student needs such as housing, discipline, safety, and security – in concert with the LMU study abroad office.

a. While abroad, students must uphold the LMU Student Code.
b. Full details of the international emergency assistance insurance policy can be found here.

3. Maintain communication with LMU Study Abroad Office and onsite administrators regarding student and program needs, behavioral or medical issues, etc.
4. Save all receipts from reimbursable purchases. When in doubt, confirm expenses in advance with the Study Abroad Office.

d. Post-Program

i. At the program’s completion:

1. Organize and submit any outstanding receipts for reimbursable expenses.
2. Submit outstanding grades for courses taught abroad.
3. You are welcome to participate in any post-programming elements for students.
4. We encourage you to serve as a resource for other faculty members teaching abroad.


a. LMU Purchasing and Payment Policy
b. LMU Community Standards
c. LMU Study Abroad Office Student Policies
d. LMU Faculty Handbook
e. LMU Safety and Security Travel Policy (in development)