Funding Your LMU Summer Abroad

The LMU Study Abroad Team understands that there are challenges related to funding a study abroad opportunity. We strive to make sure that our programming is as financially approachable as possible. This being said, the total cost of studying abroad varies by program and location.

Each online LMU program brochure contains a program costs section where you are able to view estimates of the tuition, program fee, and the included amenities. 

Study Abroad Budget Worksheet (LMU Summer Programs)

In order to determine the approximate total cost of your summer abroad program, consider your budget for the items listed within this Summer Budget Worksheet.  This is a list of possible expenses and is not meant to be all-inclusive. While this is a good tool to review expenses, we are not able to guarantee that this will be the final cost as many items are estimates. 

Here are some considerations when you are planning out your funding for the Summer Study Abroad Program:

  • The only aid eligible to students enrolled in the summer terms include:
    • Unused Federal PELL Grant (if not utilized in Fall and/or Spring)
    • Unused Federal Stafford Loans (if not utilized in Fall and/or Spring)
    • Federal Parent PLUS Loans
    • Private Alternative Loans
    • State Cal Grant (Use during the summer will impact future eligibility. Students with Cal Grant eligibility should speak with a Financial Aid Counselor prior to use.) 
  • The LMU Financial Aid Office Summer Aid Application will not be available until mid-March. This institutional application is separate from the FAFSA and is required to be considered for summer aid. Check the Financial Aid Office website at for more details in March. 

Additional Scholarships Available to You:

1. The Study Abroad Financial Assistance Grant:  The Study Abroad Financial Assistance Grant supports undergraduate students who have financial need and are participating in LMU Summer Study Abroad Programs. The award is based on financial need and a project proposal. Grants will vary and are placed directly into your student account to go towards the program fee. The Summer 2019 application deadline is February 10, 2019.  

To complete the Study Abroad Financial Assistance Grant application, you will answer the following questions:

  1. Describe the details affecting your financial situation to explain why you will need additional financial support for your study abroad experience.
  2. To receive the Study Abroad Scholarship, you will be required to carry out a Study Abroad Grant Project on the LMU campus the semester after you return to campus. Please write a proposal explaining how you will give back by inspiring others to pursue their own experience abroad. Below please provide a proposal that outlines the following: a) description of the project, b) describe who your target community is, c) explain how this project will impact your chosen community, and d) explain how you will integrate your own experiences abroad into your project.    

2. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship: The Gilman International Scholarship Program offers competitive scholarships for US undergraduate students at a 2-year or 4-year college or university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, this program requires both US citizenship as well as being a current recipient of a Federal Pell Grant. The deadline for Summer and Fall 2019 is March 5, 2019. 

3. Visit the Scholarship and Grants section for information on additional scholarships.