Funding Your Semester Abroad

The LMU Study Abroad Team understands that there are challenges related to funding a study abroad opportunity. We strive to make sure that our programming is as approachable financially as possible. This being said, the total cost of studying abroad varies by program and location.

Each online LMU program brochure contains a program costs section where you are able to view estimates of the tuition, program fee, and the inclusions. 

Study Abroad Budget Worksheet (Featured Semester Programs) 

In order to determine the approximate total cost of your study abroad program, consider your budget for the items listed within this Semester Budget Worksheet.  This is a list of possible expenses and is not meant to be all-inclusive. While this is a good tool to review expenses, we are not able to guarantee that this will be the final cost as many items are estimates. 

Here are some considerations when you are planning your funding for a Semester Study Abroad Program:

  • Institutional aid from the Financial Aid Office (including grants, scholarships, LMU loans) is available during the semester term for featured programs ONLY.
  • As an LMU student, you are eligible to receive financial aid during the semester you will be studying abroad provided that you have met all other eligibility requirements. Please address any specific questions about your financial aid eligibility with the LMU Financial Aid Office:

Visit the Scholarships & Grants section for additional funding opportunities.