Study Abroad Application

What’s in an application? For semester applicants.

All students applying to a semester study abroad program complete the same requirements: 

  • List the courses you wish to take or complete a Transfer Course Review form (depending on your program) 
  • Your passport info 
  • Complete a budget worksheet for your program of choice 
  • Short essay questions to understand why you want to go abroad 
  • Request one recommendation from an LMU faculty member 
  • Sign a few documents related to LMU Study Abroad Policies 
  • Meet with your academic advisor to understand how study abroad fits into completing your degree requirements for graduation 
  • Meet with a study abroad program advisor to learn more about the program 

 Depending on the program you are applying to, there may be additional requirements such as: 

  • Complete a Housing Form 
  • Fill out a visa application 
  • Complete the host institution application 

Upon successful completion of a study abroad application, student will be charged a $100 application fee to their LMU student account. 

When reviewing applications, LMU Study Abroad looks for the following: 

  • Complete application with no missing elements 
  • GPA meets program requirement 
  • Thoughtful responses to Study Abroad short essay Questions 
  • Recommendation 
  • Student is not on Academic Probation 
  • Student is in good standing with Student Accounts and OSCCR 
  • Student has completed their first year at LMU (or one semester if they are a transfer student) 

If a student is accepted to a program, typically they have one week to commit to the program by paying the $500 non-refundable commitment deposit and clicking the “Commit” button in their application. Before commiting to a program, students should review the Study Abroad Withdrawal Policy in their application portal.