LMU’s Study Abroad programs provide students with exceptional opportunities to learn from other cultures, earn credits towards graduation, and develop a more global perspective.

As part of Global-Local Affairs and an expansive network of institutional partnerships, LMU offers study abroad programming in over 60 locations worldwide, including several U.S.-based options. These enriching semester and summer academic programs, which also include LMU faculty-led cohorts, are administered by LMU Study Abroad and often feature internships, service-learning, and research. 

When considering possible locations for your study abroad experience:

  • Venture beyond your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a new environment!  Use this opportunity to explore locations that may be unfamiliar to you. 
  • Take courses in English or expand your personal and professional network even further with language learning. 
  • Maximize your program options and courses abroad by mapping out your four-year plan in advance.

The LMU Study Abroad team is here every step of the way as you navigate your experience.  Explore LMU’s many destinations, join a program info session, and get started on your journey!