About Us

Research. Action. Justice.

Founded in 1996, the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles (StudyLA) is the premier public opinion research organization studying the dynamic region of Los Angeles. It is recognized as one of the leading undergraduate research centers in the nation, and it is an acknowledged LA authority in public opinion surveys, exit polls, and leadership and community studies.

Student Mentorship

At its core, StudyLA is a teaching institution known as one of the leading undergraduate research centers in the United States. It provides rigorous, mentored research experiences for undergraduate students with an emphasis on hands-on field research.

Data for Change

StudyLA believes firmly in Loyola Marymount University's Jesuit mission of being with and for others. It realizes this mission by producing meticulous data and analysis as a foundation for social change and the betterment of society overall. Through its research, StudyLA has served as a bellwether for regional decision-makers seeking insight into the region, its leadership, and its people.

All About LA

StudyLA was formed to focus on its home — Los Angeles. Its mission aligns directly with that of LMU's: "We benefit from our location in Los Angeles, a dynamic city that brings into sharp focus the issues of our time and provides an ideal context for study, research, creative work, and active engagement." (Forming Leaders Who Transform the World: Strategic Plan, 2012-2020). StudyLA brings LMU's mission statement alive daily, taking pride in its work's emphasis on understanding and communicating the issues of LA.