Student Research Team

Student Research Team

StudyLA hires several student researchers at the start of the academic year. Student researchers develop a wide range of skills by assisting with database management, field supervision, communications, outreach, media production, and event production.

Student researchers engage in different stages of the research process. They become familiar with processing, interpreting, and disseminating large datasets from StudyLA's signature studies and specialty surveys. In the spring semester, student researchers develop their own projects and present them at the University's annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

StudyLA student researchers demonstrate a deep understanding of the issues of Los Angeles and a strong commitment to active citizenship and civic engagement. 

To learn more about StudyLA's student research team, please contact student supervisor Alejandra Alarcon at 310-338-1819 or



Current Student Researchers

Graduate Student

Courtney Marquez '19

Undergraduate Students

John Andrikos '21
Sebastian Arceo '21
Andrew Brown '20
Alden Lundy '20
Xavier Orozco '20
Jayna Ortiz '20
Guangpeng Ren '20
Laina Washington '19
Kathleen Siao '18

Former Student Researchers

Andrew Gonzalez '18
Adrian Narayan '18
Sylvia Shin '18
Zachary Hayes '17
Brianna Medina '17
Candace Yamanishi '17
Christian Beltran '16
Matt Campos '16
Zayd Al-Mayarati '16
Elin Henningson '16
Taylor Kay '16
Colin Arnold '16
Narek Mkrtoumian '15
Alison Sackerson '15
Summer Wall '15
Katie Altobello-Czescik '14
Jasmine Davies '14
Kate Henley '14
Daniel Hollis '14
Brendan Hughes '14
Chris Mosser '14
Andrew Smith '14
Bianca Villasenor '14
Alejandro Llamas '13
Melanie Mendoza '13
Sarah Palacios '13
Genesis Tenorio '13
Michael Ferral '12
Max Garrison '12
Robert Huizar '12
Stacy Sakane '12
Nathan Aderhold '11
Mark Diao '11
Katy Kawauchi '11
Andreas Kidane '10
Valerie Nakashima '10
Tiffany Martinez '09
David Quimbayo '09