Forecast LA is an annual conference that explores the civic concerns, cultural identities, and levels of satisfaction of Los Angeles residents and leaders.

Event Update

Out of an abundance of caution over the spread of COVID-19, the annual Forecast LA conference previously scheduled for April 1, 2020 has been canceled. We look forward to sharing the data with you in other ways. 

The conference book is available here

Data from the Los Angeles Public Opinion Survey are also published in reports, available here.

StudyLA will send out printed copies of the conference book to anyone who is interested. Click this link to request a copy. Distribution will take place later in 2020. In the meantime, you can find previous Forecast LA conference books below.

Forecast LA 2020

Residents of Los Angeles were bullish on the economy before the coronavirus pandemic hit, with majorities predicting improvement over 2019, according to StudyLA's latest Los Angeles Public Opinion Survey of 2,000 residents.

“Prior to the pandemic, the survey revealed the continuation of trends that we had identified in previous years, such as a slow decline in the sense that the region was heading ‘in the right direction,’” said StudyLA's Director Fernando Guerra.

The three-year trend of lower satisfaction with the Los Angeles region may be tied to increased attention on homelessness during that time period—a problem that appears to many to be intractable. A whopping 78% of respondents supported granting the mayor emergency powers to create new housing for homeless individuals.

“Our survey also found ideological differences in how people view homelessness, in that self-identified liberals were more likely to identify societal pressures as factors causing homelessness, while those who said they are more conservative blamed drug addiction and mental illness among homeless people more,” said StudyLA's Associate Director Brianne Gilbert.


  • Nearly two-thirds (65%) of survey respondents said they would be willing to pay more on their energy bills if it meant their utility provider could transition completely to renewable energy sources.
  • Respondents picked earthquakes as the potential catastrophe they were most worried about impacting them or their family, over identity theft, crime, crippling healthcare costs, mass shootings, wildfire, job loss, terrorist attack, or becoming homeless. (The survey did not ask about a pandemic.)
  • Good news for SoFi stadium, the new sports arena and entertainment complex in Inglewood: almost half (48%) of those surveyed said they planned to attend an event at the facility in its first year of operation.

About the Survey
StudyLA's annual Los Angeles Public Opinion Survey is the largest general social survey of any metropolitan area in urban America. The results are presented at Forecast LA alongside traditional economic indicators to provide a snapshot of the region and explore possible future trends.

About the Conference

Since 2014, Forecast LA has aided decision-makers in shaping the future of the region. It presents a triad of forecasting metrics – the opinions of residents, the opinions of leaders, and traditional economic indicators – to provide a timely and unique perspective into the civic, economic, and cultural realities through a comprehensive framework that demonstrates trends across demography, geography, and time. This well-rounded approach distinguishes Forecast LA from other regional forecasts which focus solely on economic indicators and exclude the opinions of residents and leaders.

Forecast LA has emerged as one of Southern California’s premier forecasting conferences. The conference draws hundreds of executive-level corporate representatives, investors, entrepreneurs, capital sources, elected officials, civic leaders, and community-based organizers. Learn more about previous conferences below.

Previous Conferences

Learn more about previous Forecast LA conferences and access conference books, presentations, and photos

Forecast LA 2019
Conference Book

The sixth annual Forecast LA was held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at The Center at Cathedral Plaza in Downtown LA. Learn more about the conference here. 

The conference book is available here.

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Forecast LA 2018
Conference Book

The fifth annual Forecast LA conference was held on Wednesday, April 18 at Loyola Marymount University. Read more about the conference here

The conference book is available here.

Event photos are available here.