Field Research Opportunities

Downtown LA Intercept Survey

This January, StudyLA is conducting a public opinion survey of Downtown LA residents and community members. StudyLA is hiring field researchers to administer in-person surveys in Downtown LA. This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on field research experience in a local community. This project is open to non-LMU students.

Wednesday, January 16–Friday, February 1

Monday–Friday, 3:00pm–8:30pm
Saturday–Sunday, 9:30am–3:00pm and 2:00pm–7:30pm
(includes travel time between LMU and Downtown LA)

Project Details

  • Earn $100 per shift completed. All payments processed at the conclusion of the project.
  • Participate in as many shifts as possible, including both shifts on Saturdays and Sundays:
    • Wednesday, January 16 (3:00pm–8:30pm)
    • Thursday, January 17 (3:00pm–8:30pm)
    • Friday, January 18 (3:00pm–8:30pm)
    • Saturday, January 19 (2:00pm–7:30pm)
    • Sunday, January 20 (9:30am–3:00pm) and (2:00pm–7:30pm)
    • Tuesday, January 22 (3:00pm–8:30pm)
    • Wednesday, January 23 (3:00pm–8:30pm)
    • Thursday, January 24 (3:00pm–8:30pm)
    • Friday, January 25 (3:00pm–8:30pm)
    • Saturday, January 26 (9:30am–3:00pm) and (2:00pm–7:30pm)
    • Sunday, January 27 (9:30am–3:00pm) and (2:00pm-7:30pm)
    • Monday, January 28 (3:00pm–8:30pm) – TENTATIVE
    • Tuesday, January 29 (3:00pm–8:30pm) – TENTATIVE
    • Wednesday, January 30 (3:00pm–8:30pm) – TENTATIVE 
    • Thursday, January 31 (3:00pm–8:30pm) – TENTATIVE 
    • Friday, February 1 (3:00pm–8:30pm) – TENTATIVE 
  • StudyLA will provide transportation between LMU and Downtown LA via rideshare carpools


  1. Complete registraton. Click here to access the form
  2. Complete the two-hour online course on responsible conduct of research specific to working with human subjects. Click here to access the course.
    • Click "Register"
    • Choose "Loyola Marymount University" as your affiliation
    • Create your own username and password
    • Make sure to select "Social & Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher - Basic"
  3. Attend a one-hour in-person training session prior to entering the field. 


For more information about this field research opportunity, please contact:
Mariya Vizireanu, Research Associate, at 310-338-1797 or