Student Research Team

Student Research Team

StudyLA’s student researchers provide support in day-to-day operations and engage in different stages of the research process. They assist with data processing, analysis, interpretation, and communication for public opinion surveys, interviews, and other studies as well as with field supervision for exit polls, polling place studies, and other field research projects. Throughout their time at StudyLA, students gain a deep understanding of the issues affecting Los Angeles and develop a strong commitment to active citizenship and civic engagement.


2018-2019 Student Research Team

Courtney Marquez, English ‘19

Jayna Ortiz
, Political Science ‘19
Samantha Zinn, Sociology ‘19
Andrew Brown, Finance ‘20
Xavier Orozco, Marketing ‘20
Guangpeng Ren, Applied Mathematics ‘20
Alden Lundy, Political Science & Environmental Studies ‘20
Sebastian Arceo, International Relations ‘21
John Andrikos, International Relations ‘21
Titania Davis, Sociology ‘21
Ariel Pruyser, Psychology ‘21
Camila Rivera, Political Science ‘22
Claudia Moran, Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies ‘22
Luis Lopez, Political Science ‘22
Salonee Dangoria, Psychology '22

For more information about StudyLA’s student research team, please contact:
Alejandra Alarcon, Research Coordinator, at 310-338-1819 or