Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions take place from 11 a.m - 12:30 p.m.

Box lunches will be provided following the sessions.
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The Trump Administration and Environmental Crisis
Facilitators: Sean D'Evelyn (Economics), John Dorsey (Civil Engineering), Jeremy Pal (Civil Engineering), Eric Strauss (Center for Urban Resilience), Brian Treanor (Academy for Catholic Thought and Imagination), Traci Voyles (Women's & Gender Studies)
Seaver 111

Blessed Are the Persecuted: Sanctuary in Los Angeles, Past and Present
Facilitators: Cecilia González-Andrieu (Theological Studies), Rubén Martínez (English)
Hilton 107

The 2016 Election in the Context of American History
Facilitators: Cara Anzilotti (History), Sean Dempsey (History), Kevin McDonald (History)
Hilton 109

History of Political, Protest, and Propaganda Graphics
Facilitators: Michael Dooley (Art & Art History)
Burns 211 (11:00 - 12:00)

Muslim-Jewish-Christian Intergroup and Interfaith Relations
Facilitators: Mark Diamond (Jewish Studies), Amir Hussain (Theological Studies), MaryAnne Huepper, CSJ (CSJ Center for Reconciliation and Justice)
Hilton 119

Getting the Whole Story: The Search for Truth in a New Media Landscape
Facilitators: John Kissell (Journalism), Jessica Langlois (Journalism), Kate Pickett (Journalism)
University Hall 1775

Voters Revolt: Trump, Brexit, European Populist & Nationalist Movements in Comparison
Facilitators: Elizabeth Drummond (History), Amy Woodson-Boulton (History)
St. Roberts 356

Responding to a Trump Presidency from the Perspective of Catholic Social Teaching
Facilitators: Thomas Rausch, S.J. (Theological Studies), Faculty Committee on Mission & Identity
Foley Annex 165

Freedom of Expression on a University Campus
Facilitator: Christopher Finlay (Communication Studies)
Communication Arts Bldg. 105

Women & Direct Action Protest
Facilitators: Ronjaunee Chatterjee (Women's & Gender Studies), Jennifer Moorman (Women's & Gender Studies), Mairead Sullivan (Women's & Gender Studies)
University Hall 3304

Race & Racism in 2016 and Beyond
Facilitators: Marne Campbell (African American Studies), Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson (Chicana/o Studies), Claudia Sandoval (Political Science)
Ahmanson Auditorium, University Hall 1000

International Contexts, International Responses
Facilitators: Charlotte D'Evelyn (Asian & Asian American Studies), Kerstin Fisk (Political Science), David Glazier (Loyola Law School), Margarita Ochoa (History), Najwa al-Qattan (History), Nigel Raab (History)
St. Roberts 367

California in the Age of Trump
Facilitators: Fernando Guerra (Center for the Study of Los Angeles), Nicolas Rosenthal (History), Rachel Washburn (Sociology)
Hilton 35

Keepin' It Real: Tips & Strategies for Evaluating Fake News
45-minutes hands-on information literacy workshops, 11:00-11:45 & 11:45-12:30 (4 total)
Facilitators: William H. Hannon Library Reference Librarians
William H. Hannon Library, rooms 117 & 118