Online/Hybrid Program Development Grants

The Online/Hybrid Program Development Grants are designed for faculty teams of at least three people (whether in departments or interdisciplinary teams, with at least half the team full-time, tenure-line or clinical faculty) who have well-developed ideas for online or hybrid programs, either new programs or modifications of existing programs. In keeping with LMU’s articulated vision for online and hybrid teaching and learning, these grants will be available to support the development of post-baccalaureate programs only. The grants are intended to support such faculty teams as they work towards the development of a formal program proposal and implementation plan. Work is to begin during summer 2018 and continue into the fall semester, with a formal program proposal due to the APRC by January 15, 2019. There will be a maximum of two grants of $9000 each.

To apply for an Online/Hybrid Course Development Grant, please submit a .PDF file with the following information:

  1. Applicant Information for the Faculty Team: At least 3 faculty members (half of whom must be full-time, tenure-line or clinical faculty), including names, departments/programs, and colleges/schools.
  2. Name of the Program.
  3. Type of Program: Fully Online/Online/Hybrid?
  4. Description of the Program: Please provide a description of the program, including its envisioned curriculum and faculty.
  5. Rationale for the Program as an Online/Hybrid Program: Please provide a rationale for why this program is being proposed as an online or hybrid program, including how it aligns to the priorities in College/School strategic plans.
  6. Work Plan: Please describe your work plan, including the activities you will undertake, the offices you will consult, and any university resources that you will need for project development support.
  7. Budget: Each grant is $9000, which can be used to purchase materials, to bring in speakers, to pay faculty stipends, etc., as indicated in a thorough and detailed budget (please note that any faculty stipends will be paid out in two installments, on a 50/50 basis, with the second installment coming after the proposal has been submitted to the APRC).
  8. Letters of support from Department Chairs/Program Directors.
  9. Letters of support from College/School Deans.

Applications should be submitted to Martina Ramirez ( by Friday, April 13, 2018. Only fully completed applications will be considered.