Faculty/Student Engagement

Students - Are you Engaged? 

Do you know that faculty want to spend more time with you outside of the classroom?  Faculty-in-Residence and Faculty Fellows are part of the Faculty Engagement Program which helps to connect you to the faculty in an informal setting.

Want to discuss exploring a major?  Add a minor?  Want to talk about your career options?  How about investigating the Ballona Wetlands, the Getty Museum, or the Huntington Library?  Maybe you are considering a research project or a Study Abroad program.  Come join a conversation or engage in an adventure with a Faculty-in-Residence or the Faculty Fellows.

The Faculty-in-Residence and the Faculty Fellows spend time in the residence halls because they want to get to know you better.  The Lions' undergraduate academic experience is designed to take place in the classroom and beyond.  

Are you engaged? 
What do Faculty Fellows and Faculty-in-Residence Do?

The Faculty Engagement Program encourages faculty to get involved with students as a Faculty Fellow or Faculty-in-Residence (FIR).

Faculty Fellows and the Faculty-in-Residence enrich the academic experience through their involvement with students outside the classroom.  FIR and Faculty Fellows support students in their transition from high school to the university experience.  In addition, the Faculty Engagement Program provides opportunities for students to engage with faculty in aspirational discernment about their personal, academic, and professional pursuits.

Faculty-in-Residence and Faculty Fellows have an immeasurable influence on students' lives and they have a positive impact on both student and faculty retention.  Through their regular presence in the residence halls, and off-campus cultural, field, and academic excursions, students have the opportunity to interact with faculty on a level which cannot be achieved in the classroom alone.