Advising Information

Core Policies

  • A single course may satisfy only one Core requirement (aside from flags).
  • Students may satisfy major requirements with Core courses when the courses are approved for both the major and Core.
  • Students must take the First Year Seminar and Rhetorical Arts courses in their first year. These courses are prerequisites for Integrations courses.
  • Although the order in which Core courses are completed is flexible, students are strongly encouraged to take the remaining Foundations courses in Years 1 and 2, Explorations courses in Years 2 and 3, and Integrations courses in Years 3 and 4 (students must have completed 60 units to enroll in Integrations-level courses).
  • Foundations courses carry no flags.  Explorations and Integrations courses (at the 200-level and higher) can carry up to two flags.
  • Entering students for the 2014-2015 academic year must complete all six flags. Students who entered Fall 2013 must complete six flags. Students who entered prior to Fall 2013 should meet with their assigned college advisors to determine a plan for completing flag requirements.

General Degree Requirements

The bachelor’s degree requires a minimum of 120 units, including 45 units of upper division course work, as well as the completion of:

  • University Core Requirements (including 6 flag requirements);
  • Major course requirements (and minor if applicable);
  • Elective courses, if needed, to obtain the 120 unit minimum. 

Note on Electives

There are two types of elective courses: 1) those that students take within their major or minor programs; and (2) those students take that fulfill neither Core nor major/minor requirements, but count toward semester hours needed for degree completion.

Students may select the second kind of electives from a variety of courses across diverse academic disciplines. Courses in the Core (with the exception of the First Year Seminar and Rhetorical Arts) may also be taken as an elective if a student has already fulfilled a particular Core area.

  • For example: A History major takes ART 150: Introduction to Studio Arts to fulfill the Creative Experience Core requirement. The student also takes THEA 110: Beginning Acting. This course would count as a general elective (3 units) towards the 120 units required for degree completion.

Students should select electives in close consultation with their college advisors.

To learn more about using the Schedule of Classes, click here. To learn more about how Advanced Placement credits count toward the Core, click here.