Flagged Courses

Flagged courses in writing, oral skills, information literacy, quantitative reasoning, and engaged learning build on and reinforce the skills and critical thinking that students have obtained in the Foundations courses.

Flag Topics

(200-level or higher)

Number Flags Required



Oral Skills


Information Literacy


Quantitative Reasoning


Engaged Learning



Any approved course—not just a Core course—at the 200 level or higher may meet a flag requirement, and flagged courses may be taken in the appropriate level of any language available at LMU. No course may carry more than two flags. See the Registrar’s website for approved flagged courses.

Pre-approved immersion courses (domestic and abroad), community-based learning courses, and some courses through Study Abroad may be used to satisfy the flag in engaged learning. 

Example of Flagged Courses at Work

Flags may be completed by courses in the major, minor, Core, or by elective courses. Students are especially encouraged to take flagged courses within their major or minor fields of study.

Example: A Health and Human Sciences major takes Human Anatomy II (a course for the major):

  • Course is also flagged for Oral Skills AND Information Literacy
  • Completes three requirements at once (major and two flags)

The same student also takes Political Science “Punishment & Mercy”:

  • Fulfills Core “Ethics & Justice”
  • Flagged for writing
  • Completes two Core requirements

With these two courses, the student completes four Core requirements.