OFD Recorded Events

Friday Faculty Colloquium Series

"Embracing Uncertainty" - 4/17/17
By: Ben Fitzpatrick

"The Magic Chair Project" - 3/17/17
By: Gregory Ruzzin

"The Work of Han Dai-Yu" - 2/17/17
By: Han Dai-Yu

"The Ghost of a Raging Woman: or I Need Your Love" - 4/8/16

By: Sylvia Morales

"Understanding How Birds Time Their Breeding and Migration" - 3/18/16
By: Heather Watts

"Toward a Political Epistemology of the City" - 2/19/16
By: Sina Kramer

"Stoned Thinking, Writing Rocks: The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin" - 2/12/16
By: Paul Harris

"Interactivity’s Immensity: Complexity in Time, Flight Safety, Interdisciplinarity, Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll" - 11/13/15
By: Timothy Law Snyder

"The Public Intellectual" - 11/6/15
By: Fernando Guerra and Michael Genovese

"The Healthy City" - 10/2/15
By: Cheryl Grills & Eric Strauss

"Without God, Everything is Permitted: Some Medieval Reflections on Morality and God's Freedom" &
"Meeting in the Middle: How The Religious and Secular Work Together and Learn from Each Other in Charity and Community Organizing" - 9/25/15
By: Thomas Ward & Rebecca Sager

"Teaching Religion Through an Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Global Sport Culture" - 4/10/15
By: Susan Abraham

"Undo, Unravel, Unwind: Public Un-Knitting and the Alexander Technique" - 3/6/15
By Jane Brucker

"Black racial formation and American Pop Culture" - 11/14/14
By Adilifu Nama

"Does career and technical education strengthen the STEM pipeline? Comparing youth with and without disabilities." - 11/7/14
By Ernie Rose

"The Drug War on Both Sides: Art, Violence and Healing in México and America" - 10/17/14
By Rubén Martinez

"Tweetspill!:The role of activist Twitter appeal strategies in the traditional Media Coverage of the Keystone Pipeline Controversy"3/21/14
By Chris Finlay, Communication

 "Ingestion and Identity:Class,Consumption, and social Reform in Victorian Britain and Ireland"- 3/14/14
By Amy Woodson-Boulton, History

"Schooling the Flesh: The Body, Pedagogy and Inequality" - 11/18/13
By Arthur Gross-Schaefer, Marketing and Business Law

"Schooling the Flesh: The Body, Pedagogy and Inequality" - 11/8/13
By Antonia Darder, Educational Leadership

"The Seething Sapphic Septet: Revolting Bodies, Queer Intimacies, and the Neoliberal Penal State" - 10/25/13
Kyra Pearson, Communication Studies

"Measuring Pesticides & Other Organic Contaminants in Southern California Coastal Waters" - 9/27/13
By Rachael Adams, Civil Engineering

“Classmates with Disabilities and Students’ Socio-Emotional Outcomes” – 4/5/2013
By Michael Gottfried, Assistant Professor, Specialized Programs in Urban Education

“Ecosystem Aromas: Implications or Earth’s Atmospheric Health" – 3/22/2013
By Nicole Bouvier-Brown, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Imperial Politics: Environmentalism, Power, and the Life and Death of the Salton Sea" - 2/15/2013
by Traci Voyles, Assistant Professor, Women's Studies

"Choreographing Oral Histories" - 2/8/2013
by Rosalynde LeBlanc Loo, Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts & Dance

"The Making of a Narrative Feature Film within the Context of LMU: The Gods of Garbage - presentation and screening of excerpts" - 2/1/2013
by Mikael Kreuzriegler, Assistant Professor, Film & Television Production

"Perplexities about the Good: the Case of Bioethics" - 11/30/2012
by Roberto Dell'Oro, Professor of Theological Studies

"Fashioning Citizenships: Ugly Betty, RuPaul's Drag Race, and Resistant Cultural Politics on Television" - 11/2/2012
by Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson, Assistant Professor of Chicana/o Studies

"Notes on Teaching the Subject of Grief" - 10/5/2012
by Ronald Marasco, Professor of Theatre Arts

"Lessons in Equity, K-12 and 13-16: A Sabbatical Report" - 9/21/2012
by Jacqueline Dewar, Professor, Mathematics

"Lifting as We Climb: Women and Peace Building in Post-Conflict Liberia and Uganda" - 4/13/2012 
by Cassandra Veney, Associate Professor, Political Science 

"Interdisciplinarity and Film, TV and Media Studies" - 3/30/2012
by Sue Scheibler, Associate Professor, Film/TV Studies 

"Mediated Sport, Gender, Fanship, and Consumer Culture: Reflections on a Dirty Research Agenda" - 3/23/2012
by Lawrence Wenner, Von der Ahe Chair in Communication and Ethics

"Nanoparticles and Energy: How Little Things Control the Transport of Heat" - 3/9/2012
by Todd Otanicar, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

"Koreatown/Remixed: Twenty Years After the Los Angeles Civil Unrest of 1992" - 2/17/2012
by Edward Park, Director, Asian Pacific American Studies

"Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities in Cultivating Heretofore Largely Untapped American Mathematical Talent" - 2/10/2012
by Herbert Medina, Professor, Mathematics

"The Death of Mercy" - 1/27/2012
by John Parrish, Associate Professor of Political Science

"The Church in China" - 12/2/2011
by Thomas Rasuch, S.J., Professor of Theological Studies

"A Role for Quantum Mechanics in Clean Energy" - 11/18/11
by Emily Jarvis, Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Postcards from Greece: The Uses of Antiquity in Late Interwar Tourist Publications" (audio only) - 11/11/2011
by Katerina Zacharia, Professor, Classics

"Benefits and Obstacles: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Second Life" - 10/21/2011
by Stephanie August, Associate Professor of Computer Science, and Michele Hammers, Associate Professor of Communication Studies 

"Student Expression: Facebook and Beyond" - 10/7/2011
by Martha McCarthy, Presidential Professor, Educational Leadership

"Keeping Company with the Saints: The Latin@ Sense of the Sacred" - 9/30/2011
by Cecilia González-Andrieu, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies

Faculty Spotlight

Arthur Gross-Schaefer - Recipient of the 2012 Rains Award for Excellence in Service
Brian Treanor - Recipient of the 2011 President's Fritz B. Burns Distinguished Teaching Award 
Michael Genovese - Recipient of the 2011 Rains Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship or Creative Work 
Christopher Chapple - Recipient of the 2011 Rains Award for Excellence in Service 

Other Events
2011 Rains/Burns Faculty Awards Ceremony - 9/22/2011

2012 Rains/Burns Faculty Awards Ceremony - 9/20/2012

2013 Rains/Burns Faculty Awards Ceremony - 4/24/2013

2014 Rains/Burns Faculty Awards Ceremony - 4/30/2014

2015 Rains/Burns Faculty Awards Ceremony - 4/29/15

2016 Faculty Awards Ceremony - 4/27/16

2017 Rains/Burns Faculty Awards Ceremony - 4/28/2017