University Honors Program

Loyola Marymount University

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What is the University Honors Program?

The University Honors Program is a community of scholars who take on challenges—inside and outside the classroom—beyond those that lead to academic or career success.  We pursue the delight of intellectual inquiry, the joy of reflecting on great ideas, and the satisfaction of accomplishing research and creative work that stretch us to our best efforts. An Honors education is not merely about what you learn; it's about deepening your capacity to learn now and in the future, developing your talents to their full potential, and learning how you can apply your heart and mind to change the world for the better.  Honors students cultivate an appreciation of differences and the determination and skills to build mutuality and community across those differences. We foster in our students the critical thinking required to distinguish truth from falsehood, enthusiasm for taking on difficult projects, courage to fail and try again using the lessons learned, an understanding of their place in history, and an ability to discern for themselves what is important and worth pursuing in college as well as in life.