The Marymount Institute Press is dedicated to putting thought and care into every decision arising during the publishing process. Our catalog reflects the meticulous care that goes into the production of books, music, and movies.

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The Lady Vanishes

Written by LMU professor and Marymount Institute director Theresia de Vroom, The Lady Vanishes examines the role of heroines and mother-daughter relationships in Shakespeare's late tragicomedies. 

With in-depth explorations of oft-ignored works Cymbeline, PericlesTwo Nobel Kinsmen, and The Winter's Tale, de Vroom unearths a pattern of feminine comic redemption that works as an alternative and corrective to the apocalyptic tragedy of Shakespeare's predominantly male worlds. 

The Lady Vanishes socially and historically contextualizes Shakespeare's work, while examining the formation of the tragicomic heroine and construction of mother-daughter relationships both within the plays and throughout Western culture, from film to photography to painting. The book also compares the late tragicomedies to other, more well known, Shakespeare plays, including The Tempest, A Midsummer's Night Dream, Twelfth Night, and King Lear




Broken and Shared

The Marymount Institute Press' most successful book to date, Broken and Shared is Jeff Dietrich’s first hand account of spending 40 years living amongst and working with the poor and homeless in the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community.

Dietrich is a cook and kitchen hand in the Catholic Worker community, whose efforts have helped provide more than three million meals to the homeless on Los Angeles' Skid Row. He is also an activist, whose numerous actions of civil disobedience have landed him in jail more than forty times.

Broken and Shared is a collection of eye-witness accounts of the suffering and deprivation of the poor, imbued with Dietrich's relentless and vehement exposure of political and social systems that perpetuates poverty and destitution.



 In Possession of Shakespeare 

This collection is an eclectic response to what it means to possess Shakespeare. It contains essays, poems, autobiographical reflections, and a musical composition.

Some of the pieces were written specifically for this volume and directly address elements or ideas found in Shakespeare’s plays. Others make no direct mention of his work or influence, and in fact were originally written and published for very different reasons. Nonetheless, what these pieces have in common is that they were written in “possession of Shakespeare.”

The contributors own, are owned by, and owe some debt to Shakespeare.

Contributors include Broken and Shared author Jeff Dietrich; cultural critic and poet Lewis Hyde; Wole Soyinka; and LMU grad and Alma Mater records co-founder Logan Metz.




Samarkand: Rites and Rituals of Markets Old and New (DVD)

The magic and myth of the marketplace came alive on March 29th, 2008, when Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, was transformed into a global marketplace.

Set in the University’s “sunken garden,” with its Sacred Heart Chapel luminous in the background, Wole Soyinka’s vast dramatic tone poem, Samarkand, was enacted.

The performance was set in the most fundamental spaces of all human contact: the market, the theatre and the church. This is an account of that performance which literally included a cast of a thousand.

The DVD of Samarkand highlights the performance aspect of the experience - it includes public poetry recitations, music and dance performances, a sacred religious ritual, and the culminating performance of Soyinka's poetry.