LMU's Global Conversation series presents
The Culture Wars: Black and White
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. + Cornel West

Professors Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Cornel West came together at Loyola Marymount University as part of the “Global Conversation” series to discuss the prevalence of culture wars in the U.S. and worldwide. Gates, Jr. and West are two of the most renowned scholars and public intellectuals in the country; embodying the intellectual response to who we are as a nation defined and often divided by our religious, economic, and racial diversity. Drawing on African American history and personal experiences, their talk will encapsulate the way we have lived in the past in terms of race and color, the way we live now, and the ways we can engage and celebrate our commonalities and differences for a better future.

Organized by:
Marymount Institute for Faith, Culture, and the Arts 

Produced by:
John Flaherty and Theresia de Vroom

Sponsored by:
Academy for Catholic Thought and Imagination; LMU Academic Affairs; LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts; Campus Ministry; LMU College of Communication and Fine Arts; Dept. of African American Studies; Dept. of English; Los Angeles Catholic Worker; LMU Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Office of the Provost; The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary; LMU School of Film and Television

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