The Cadre


AFROTC Detachment 040

Loyola Marymount University



Lt Col Hill Official Photo

Lieutenant Colonel Kari Hill
Professor of Aerospace Studies 

MS, Operational Aviation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1998
B.S., Chemistry, Christian Brothers University, 1996

B.S., Physics, Christian Brothers University, 1996


Air Force Specialty: Mobility Pilot (11M), Space Operations (13S)

Courses: Evolution of Air and Space Power I & II

Lieutenant Colonel Melinda Albiston 
Operations Flight Commander
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies
M. Eng., Aeronautical Engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2008
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, U.S. Air Force Academy, 2003
Air Force Specialty: Developmental Engineer (62E), Civil Engineer (32G)
Courses: Heritage and Values of the Air Force I and II
Captain Simone Zacharias 
Education Officer
Recruiting Officer
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies
MBA, UCLA Anderson School of Business (2021)
B.S. Management, U.S. Air Force Academy, 2012
Air Force Specialty: Program Manager (63A)
Courses: Team and Leadership Fundamentals I and II
Technical Sergeant Analiza McFarland 
Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Personnel
Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, Randolph Air Force Base, TX, 2018
Airman Leadership School, Barksdale Air Force Base, LA, 2012
Air Force Specialty: Personnel (3S071)
Technical Sergeant Nicole Egloff 
Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Administration
Administrative Technical Training School, Keesler Air Force Base, MS, 2013
Airman Leadership School, Dyess Air Force Base, TX, 2015
Air Force Specialty: Administration (3A171)


 Serious Staff Picture, no hats