Photo of front of CSJ Center offices.

CSJ Center for Reconciliation and Justice

The CSJ Center serves faculty, staff, alumni and students, offering a forum for dialogue, a place of education and a resource for reflective action. Through a diverse array of offerings, the CSJ Center aims to be a presence for the needs of the LMU community in terms of the pursuit of LMU's mission to encourage "the service of faith and the promotion of justice" at LMU and beyond.

The CSJ Center furthers the presence and charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange at LMU. Our spirituality, which calls us to live in God and for others, is based on the charism of our founder, Jean Pierre Medaille, SJ (1650, Le Puy, France). In the spirit of our foundress, Mother Bernard Gosselin, CSJ (1912, Eureka, California) we continually seek to move forward with a pioneer spirit of bold faith, foresight, and flexibility as gifts for our mission.

"CSJ" refers to "Congregation of St. Joseph" and is the set of initials used by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange for identification.

The CSJ Center for Reconciliation and Justice Moves with Hope and Resilience into the 2021-2022 School Year

Like all of you we look with anticipation towards a more engaged year with faculty, staff, and students in person. While we realize the COVID-19 virus is not behind us, we look with eagerness to growing engagement and possibilities. Our local, national, and world community, continues to be challenged with racism in all its ugly forms; the aftermath of the post Afghanistan war; the ramifications of climate change at home and abroad; the needs of immigrant communities and the demands for economic equity. However, in the midst of all these realities and more we look with hope to the future because of the spark of goodness, generosity, and renewed commitment of our own LMU community, as well as the endeavors of human beings worldwide. To that end, the CSJ Center would like to share with all of you our Congregation’s renewed commitment. Every five years we convene as a Chapter to re-examine our life and works and elect a new Leadership Team. The Chapter enables us to ‘examine the signs of the times’ in order to direct our energies towards what is needed for the future from our community.  We will be sharing our 2021-2026 Chapter Statement with all of you who partner with us upon its release. We hope that it will resonate with your own transformative journey.