Photo of front of CSJ Center offices.

CSJ Center for Reconciliation and Justice

The CSJ Center serves faculty, staff, alumni and students, offering a forum for dialogue, a place of education and a resource for reflective action. Through a diverse array of offerings, the CSJ Center aims to be a presence for the needs of the LMU community in terms of the pursuit of LMU's mission to encourage "the service of faith and the promotion of justice" at LMU and beyond.
The CSJ Center furthers the presence and charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange at LMU. Our spirituality, which calls us to live in God and for others, is based on the charism of our founder, Jean Pierre Medaille, SJ (1650, Le Puy, France). In the spirit of our foundress, Mother Bernard Gosselin, CSJ (1912, Eureka, California) we continually seek to move forward with a pioneer spirit of bold faith, foresight, and flexibility as gifts for our mission.
"CSJ" refers to "Congregation of St. Joseph" and is the set of initials used by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange for identification.


The CSJ Center for Reconciliation and Justice Seeks to Grow in Relationships within the LMU Community and Beyond the Bluff in the 2022-2023 School Year

One section of the 2021-2026 Chapter Statement of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange states, among other commitments, the following:

We commit ourselves to be creative and innovative in our local and global dialogue and action the next five years on: Inclusion and Partnerships for Charism and Ministry. 

This year, the CSJ Center is focusing on these two commitments. During the summer we have been very blessed to meet with new members of vital areas of the LMU Community such as CSA, DEI, and Student Affairs. Also, we have expanded our CSJ Center Advisory Committee to include new voices from BCLA, Campus Ministry, CSA, DEI, and Theology. We hope to continue to broaden our horizons so that we can be supportive to the creative and innovative possibilities that are incubating and developing among us and our partners. We also want to continue to celebrate those who have worked to enrich community at LMU and beyond. Hidden Heroes will be honoring women and men on Sunday, October 23, 2022 and on Sunday, March 26, 2023. This is the first celebration of two cohorts of honorees during the school year! Look for the names of our honorees in our upcoming publications. As we continue to participate in TRHT (Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation) Center Alliance story circles, our symposium session working groups, interfaith opportunities, and events on campus, we join with all of you students, faculty and staff who work tirelessly to strengthen relationships and build community to bring about a more just and peaceful world.