Faculty Senate Merit Town Hall

  • 4/23, 10:30am-12:00pm - zoom link [registration required, faculty only], report

Inauguration Teach-In and Related EventsHERE

Faculty Senate Town Hall

  • 8/18, 3:00-4:30pm - zoom link [registration required, faculty only]

Coffee Hours

With LMU's classes and almost everything else going online, much has changed for our teaching and our students' learning and lives. We have invited representatives from different parts of LMU to talk with faculty about how they will work this fall, to answer questions, and to allow faculty to speak with them and each other. These are informal gatherings with short overviews at the beginning followed by Q&A and conversations. 

Want to know how your teaching and our students will be supported in our new online world? Want to hear what challenges and opportunities may present themselves? How the events of the last couple of months have influenced our teaching and students? Join us by following the zoom links below.

All Coffee Hours will be 9:00-10:00am. We plan to record these gatherings so people can watch them later if desired. [zoom link]

  • 8/19, Our International Students Fall 2020, Csilla Samay, Assistant Dean, Office for International Students & Scholars
    What are the issues impacting international student enrollment for Fall 2020? What are they most concerned about in this virtual environment, and what do I need to know to best support them? [Zoom Recording]
  • 8/20, Student Experience: Co-Curricular Engagement Fall 2020, Jade Smith, Associate Dean, Andy Black (Campus Recreation), Patrick Furlong (Service and Service Organizations), Andrea Niemi (Student Leadership and Development) - Student Affairs
    How will students stay connected, engaged and involved this fall? What events, programs, and experiences will student affairs provide for students? Are clubs, organizations, and student government still happening? What is the student EXP and pillars all about? [Zoom Recording]
  • 8/21, Library Support Online and in the Classroom, John Jackson (Head of Outreach), Elisa Acosta (Library Instruction), Cynthia Becht (Archives & Special Collections), Glenn Johnson-Grau (Collections & Acquisitions), Kathryn Ryan (Circulation & Reserves) - William H. Hannon Library
    How can I set up reserves for my classes? What do I tell my students if I want them to use credible, authoritative resources from the library? Does the library have online access to the texts my students need for their research? What do I do if there isn't an online resource available? Get answers to these questions and more with an open and informal conversation with LMU Librarians. [Zoom Recording]
  • 8/25, Community of Care Fall 2020, Paul Vu, SJ, PhD, Assistant Dean of Students, Student Affairs, Director Community of Care
    What is Community of Care? How can I work with COC in assisting students who are experiencing issues that are negatively impacting their personal and academic success? When and how can I refer a student of concern? [Zoom Recording]
  • 8/26, Academic Resource Center: Helping Students Stay Connected, Mia Watson, Director, Morgan Gross, Associate Director - Academic Resource Center
    How can we keep students engaged in the learning process beyond virtual class spaces? How will students access tutoring and other resources online in fall? What are the services available to our first-gen student community? [Zoom Recording]
  • 8/27, Ethnic & Intercultural Services: Addressing the Cultural Needs of Students - Henry Ward (Senior Director), Aris Mosier, Kienan Taweil, Rabbi Zachary Zysman, AnaLexicis Bridewell, Lalo Moreno, Natalie Guevara, Ryan Hopkins
    EIS provides advocacy, interfaith opportunities, cultural programming and Intercultural training. How can we provide cultural support virtually? How can we continue to support advocacy and protest? How can we continue to provide effective Intercultural workshops?
  • 8/28, Helping Students with Life Challenges, Emotional and/or Psychological concerns - Kristin Linden,Phd< Director, Student Psychological Services
    What is Telehealth? Types of services. Who is eligible? What about out-of-state students? Common Concerns. Professors and student behaviors. How to make an appointment.