What We Do

Grant Evaluation and Statistical Support serves all LMU faculty and staff, and those outside the LMU community, by providing guidance on research design, statistics, and evaluation related to scholarly research and sponsored program activity. We offer consulting services in areas such as evaluation plan development, post-award evaluation, advanced statistical analyses, and data visualization. Additionally, we develop professional learning opportunities as in-person or virtual group workshops for faculty and staff. The goal of GESS is to advance innovative projects from research design to evaluation.  

  • GESS meets with LMU faculty, staff, and external constituents to brainstorm an evaluation plan for grant proposals and projects. GESS can serve as the external evaluator for research projects, and develop quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods design appropriate for the project.  

  • GESS can serve as the external evaluator for sponsored projects and contracts. We conduct the evaluation and statistical applications needed to assess and report project outcomes by means of annual and/or progress reports, as required by the sponsor.

  • Upon the client’s agreement, GESS conducts the statistical analyses and helps with the interpretation of the findings based on the context of the study or research. GESS also helps to prepare manuscripts for publication.

  • GESS offers opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in virtual and in-person workshops. Participants receive guided training on new statistical software programs such as R, Excel, and SPSS, and learn how to navigate the new program and use it to perform various statistical analyses and data visualization.   

    Program Expertise

    R/R Studio JMP
    Tableau AMOS


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