About the Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination 

The Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination at Loyola Marymount University is a community of scholars who work in dialogue with the Catholic intellectual tradition(s) through developing, critically examining, communicating, or otherwise engaging the rich resources of Catholic thought and imagination, especially as it is informed by Jesuit and Ignatian vision. The Academy serves as a hub for scholarship, interdisciplinary research, innovative pedagogy, and creative outreach across LMU’s campus in the southwest United States and beyond.



About "The Idea of the Catholic University in the 21st Century"

ACTI invites you to join us in a yearlong conversation on "The Idea of the Catholic University in the 21st Century." Along with numerous partners, particularly the Bellarmine Forum of the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, ACTI will engage questions that face Catholic higher education and Loyola Marymount University specifically: What makes us distinctive? In what respects should Catholic colleges and universities differ (or not differ) from other institutions, whether large state-sponsored schools or non-Catholic liberal arts colleges? And how should these distinctive characteristics shape the missions, goals, research, curricula, and programs of the Catholic university in the 21st century?

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