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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." —Benjamin Franklin


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Continuing education is directly engaged with the lived experience of the local and global community. Our online and professional certificate programs, continuing education courses and other programs of learning are facilitated by leading scholars and professionals, and balance traditional academic study with necessary practical training.‌

Recognizing that jobs and education are inextricably linked, each program is uniquely tailored to enable learners to update their skills and knowledge, advance their careers, and assist with a desired change in profession or vocation. And, to assure that each program continues to meet the high standards of education expected from Loyola Marymount, as well as the demands of society, each of our programs are continuously reviewed by University faculty, administrators and community leaders. 

Click on the fields of study below for a full list of certificate programs, courses and continuing education opportunities. Haga clic aquí para los programas en español.

 Fundamentals of Floral Design  Online  Open Enrollment
 Music  Westchester Campus  January 2016
 Summer Reading Programs for Children
 and Adults
 Glendale, Oxnard,
 + Westlake Village
 Summer 2016
 Wedding and Event Design  Online  Open Enrollment
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 Administrative Professional with
 Microsoft Office Specialist Training
 Online            Open Enrollment
 Bookkeeping  Online  Open Enrollment
 Chartered Tax Professional
 for California Residents
 Online  Open Enrollment
 Entrepreneurship: Start-Up and
 Business Owner Management
 Online  Open Enrollment
 Event Management and Design  Online  Open Enrollment
 Global Business Professional  Online  Open Enrollment
 Grant Writing  Online  Open Enrollment
 Human Resources Management  Westchester + Online  February 2016
 Human Resources Professional  Online  Open Enrollment
 Lean Mastery  Online  Open Enrollment
 Management for IT Professionals  Online  Open Enrollment
 Marketing Design  Online  Open Enrollment
 National Pharmaceutical
 Online  Open Enrollment
 Nonprofit Management  Online  Open Enrollment
 Paralegal  Online  Open Enrollment
 Payroll Practice and Management  Online  Open Enrollment
 Protection Officer  Online  Open Enrollment
 Purchasing and Supply Chain
 Online  Open Enrollment
 Records Management  Online  Open Enrollment
 Six Sigma Green Belt  Online  Open Enrollment
 Technical Writing  Online  Open Enrollment
 CompTIA™ A+ Certification Training  Online  Open Enrollment 
 CompTIA™ Security+ Certification
 Online  Open Enrollment
 Cisco® CCNA® Certification Training  Online  Open Enrollment
 Forensic Computer Examination  Online  Open Enrollment
 Microsoft Access 2010 Certification
 Online  Open Enrollment
 Microsoft Excel 2010 Certification
 Online  Open Enrollment
 Microsoft Office 2010 Master
 Certification Training
 Online  Open Enrollment
 3Ds Max  Online  Open Enrollment
 Digital Arts  Online            Open Enrollment
 Video Game Design and Development  Online  Open Enrollment
 Web Applications Development  Online  Open Enrollment
 Web Design Professional  Online  Open Enrollment
 Webmaster  Online  Open Enrollment
 Alcohol and Drug Counseling  Westchester Campus         Each Semester
 Child Development Associate
 Online  Open Enrollment
 Administrative Dental Assistant  Online  Open Enrollment
 Administrative Medical Specialist
 with Medical Billing and Coding
 + Medical Terminology
 Online            Open Enrollment
 Clinical Dental Assistant  Online  Open Enrollment
 Medical Billing and Coding 
 + Medical Terminology

 Online  Open Enrollment
 Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness and Sport 
 Online  Open Enrollment
 Optician Certification Training  Online  Open Enrollment
 Fitness Training  Online  Open Enrollment
 Pharmacy Technician  Online  Open Enrollment
 Physical Therapy Aid  Online  Open Enrollment
 Veterinary Assistant  Online  Open Enrollment
 Modern Greek  Westchester Campus  Each Semester
 Courses for Professional Development + Personal Enrichment   Each Semester
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 African American Ministry          February 2016
 Art of Spiritual Direction  Orange  Fall 2016
 Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers  Westchester Campus  Fall 2016
 Catholic Bible Institute  Westchester Campus
 + San Bernardino
 Catechesis    In Development
 Christian Spirituality  Westchester Campus  August 2016
 Cultural Orientation Program for
 International Ministers
 Santa Barbara  Fall 2016
 Parish Business Administration  Westchester Campus  Fall 2016
 Pastoral Care  San Bernardino +
 Las Vegas
 September 2016
 Pastoral Liturgy  Westchester Campus  --
 Pastoral Music  Riverside  --
 Theological Studies  Westchester Campus  Each Semester
 Building Analyst Quick Start  Online            Open Enrollment
 Green Supply Chain Professional  Online  Open Enrollment
 Home Inspection  Online  Open Enrollment
 Indoor Air Quality Management  Online  Open Enrollment
 Indoor Environmentalist  Online  Open Enrollment
 Principles of Green Buildings  Online  Open Enrollment
 Senior Certified Sustainability Professional  Online  Open Enrollment
 Solar Power Professional  Online  Open Enrollment
 Wind Energy Professional  Online  Open Enrollment
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 Leadership for English Learner Achievement  Online  --
 Teaching Academic Spanish in Grades PreK-12  Online  Fall 2016
 Teaching Mandarin in PreK-12 Settings  Online  Summer 2016
 Technology Integration Specialist  Online + Westchester  June 2016
 Transitional Kindergarten and Early Childhood
 Online  --
 Yoga Ed. Professional Institute  Westchester Campus  May 2016
 Courses for Professional Development + Personal Enrichment  Each Semester
 Go to Yoga Studies web site >>
 Ayurveda Self Care (Yoga Philosophy)  Westchester Campus  May 2016
 Prime of Life Yoga  Online + Mar Vista  January 2017
 Vinyasa Krama Yoga  Westchester Campus  July 2016
 Yoga, Mindfulness and Social Change  Westchester Campus  Fall 2016
 Yoga and the Healing Sciences  Westchester Campus  August 2016
 Yoga Philosophy  Westchester Campus  Each Semester
 Yoga Therapy Rx  Westchester Campus  Fall 2017