Behavioral Health Counselor

Certificate in Behavioral Health Counseling

This program consists of four courses required to complete the Certificate Program as a Behavior Health Counselor.  It is an online, open enrollment, and self-paced course.  All program courses must be completed within six months of enrollment.

Behavioral Health Counselors (BHC) use Choice Theory Psychology, Internal Empowerment Coaching, and Life Experiences as educational approaches to learning “why and how” humans behave. It consists of Competency Standards for William Glasser, M.D.’s, Choice® Theory Basic Intensive Training and Reality Therapy.

This program is the practical application of Choice Theory, developed by the late renowned psychiatrist William Glasser, MD. The program is tailored for adults, dislocated workers, individuals seeking retraining and skill enhancement; professional and non-professionals who seek to improve themselves or help improve the lives of others or the practice of healthcare professionals; family therapists; psychologists, sociologists, counselors, coaches; drug & alcohol treatment specialists; social service, non-profits, social justice; administration of justice and human service employees and volunteers; and other helping professions.

The Behavior Health Counselor certificate program teaches individuals to mentor persons struggling with behavioral health: stress, depression, anxiety, relationship

  • Spring 2024

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    Course No.: BHCX 900.01

    Tuition: $4,000


  • Lester (Les) Triché, MPA, MPP, Ph.D. (ABD) has an executive-level professional background with strengths in Education, HR, and Public Policy implementation; Reality Therapy, Choice Theory®, Scripture Therapy Counseling, Internal Empowerment Coaching; and Criminal Justice & Corrections. He has university, community colleges and K-12 schools teaching and administration experience, to include expertise in leadership, management, and race relations; drug and alcohol treatment; conflict resolution; equity compliance; cognitive behavior therapy and behavioral health.

    His strengths incorporate strategic planning and execution; resource acquisition, collective bargaining agreement, contract development, and negotiations; organizational development; labor law compliance; team building; employment services; policy design and implementation. His success is contributed to understanding “Why and how humans behave;” reorganizing behavior; soft skills development; evident-based program development and implementation; critical thinking and sound judgment to lead others to answer their challenges.

    Les Triché has conducted college president, executive, corporate and ministry staffing searches for Chaffey College, Cerritos College, Compton College, Rio Honda College, El Paso Texas College, Diverse Staffing Solutions, MBF and Associates, and Noel Jones Ministries. These experiences allowed him to work in close collaboration with governing boards, administrative members, faculty, staff, unions, students, and representatives from the communities. He also served as an elective official for a large K-12 school district.

    He is an international internet TV and Radio show host reaching an audience in 98 countries; he provides ministry training, leadership, human capital, church planting for ministries ranging in size from 30-30, 000.

  • Students must complete a total of 17 semester hours in coursework with a letter grade of B or higher in each course to receive a certificate of completion. Please refer to the course catalog for the required text, class meeting location, and other general information.


    The program will be delivered online during the academic year; the last session of each year will be final class presentations. 





    Course 1: Online - Secret of Choice Theory and Internal Empowerment Overview



    Course 2: Online – Self-Counseling with Choice Theory and Internal Empowerment



    Course 3: Take Charge of Your Life



    Course 4: Supervised Practitioner’s Internship





    170.0 hrs

    17 units


    • The class will use a variety of learning methods including written reflections, exercises, weekly reading, a final paper, and an internship.  
  • BHCX 900
    Behavioral Health Counselor
    17.0 Semester Hours

    The Behavior Health Counselor certificate program teaches individuals to mentor persons struggling with behavioral health: stress, depression, anxiety, relationships, grief, addictions, mood disorders, self-esteem, or other psychological challenges.