Professional Development for Teachers

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In partnership with the LMU School of Education, the Teacher Development programs in LMU Extension are designed for the working educator. Public courses and certificate programs, both online and in-class, offer participants learning opportunities to advance one's knowledge and career in teaching.

Professional Development credit may be appropriate for teachers requiring non-degree and/or post-baccalaureate credit which may be used to satisfy professional advancement requirements such as salary movement and recertification credits. Participants are advised to check with their school district or credit evaluation entity to determine if this type of credit will be approved for their specific needs.

LMU Extension provides professional development, graduate-level, CR grade credit units for the courses offered by our approved partners below.

LMU official transcript explains the following for LMU Extension courses:

  • Course entries marked with the letter “X” at the end of the subject code do not carry degree-granting credit at LMU.
  • Credit (CR) is reported in the semester credit hour column with each unit representing the equivalent value of 10 to 15 continuing education contact hours. The grading is CR and equals the letter B or above in the course. These courses could be considered graduate-level courses.
  • Professional development courses marked with the letter “X” that receive a letter grade are considered graduate-level courses.

School of Education

Certificates in partnership with the School of Education, Center for Equity for English Learners (CEEL)

Advancement Courses

Our partner Advancement offers online, self-paced, professional development graduate-level courses for K-12 teachers. The catalog includes over 280 graduate-level courses in 19 different subject areas covering both foundational topics and emerging trends in K-12 education. The courses combine innovative techniques with a focus on developing practical tools that are immediately applicable in the classroom. Make sure to choose Loyola as your Partner/Credit Option when checking out.  You can also use the code LOYOLA10 for a 10% discount on your courses.

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Multidiscipline Online Courses for K-12 Teachers