Job Training Programs

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is a federally funded job training program that provides workforce investment activities through statewide and local systems. Authorized workforce investment activities provided at the local level benefit: job seekers, dislocated workers, youth, foster care participants, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, persons with disabilities, and employers. 

How to Apply

Prospective WIOA participants must visit a WorkSource center to find out if they are eligible to receive WIOA grant funding. Prospective students who are good candidates for the program will meet with a WIOA Counselor who will help guide them through the WIOA process. Qualifying participants will research approved training providers and programs to determine which is the best fit for their needs. LMU Extension is listed locally with the Intrastate Training Resources and Information Network (I-Train):

  • Vendor Name: LMU Extension
  • Vendor Number: 0086022
  • State Provider ID: 2480


Our certificate programs are approved by WIOA and open to the general public.