Modern Greek Studies

The Basil P. Caloyeras Center for Modern Greek Studies at Loyola Marymount University facilitates degree courses in modern Greek history, literature, arts, culture, and Orthodox Christian tradition and spirituality. 

Each semester, the Caloyeras Center opens Modern Greek language courses to the general public through LMU Extension. Students auditing (referred to as “auditors”) have the opportunity to observe and participate in a language course for a fraction of the normal tuition. Auditors are expected to attend courses they enroll in and are required to actively participate in seminar (non-lecture) classes. As no grade or course credit is awarded, auditors are not required to complete the course assignments as set by the instructor.

In addition to coursework, the Caloyeras Center organizes a five-week travel and study program in Greece. The Odyssey Program is open to non-LMU students with the option of transferring credit to their home institutions. The Caloyeras Center regularly hosts lectures, symposia, and exhibits on topics of interest to both the University and the community at large. Contact us at to learn more.