Social Justice Panel: Eloquentia (Im)Perfecta

Social Justice Panel: Eloquentia (Im)perfecta

Every Fall semester, the Rhetorical Arts Faculty Fellows put forth a panel and discussion surrounding current issues that our modern society faces as it relates to rhetoric. In particular, much emphasis is placed upon how Jesuit Rhetoric, Eloquentia Perfecta, or "the good person writing and speaking well for the common good," comes into play within these various facets of communication and persuasion. 

The Fall 2018 panel and discussion, aptly titled, Eloquentia (Im)perfecta: In a Post-Knowledge Age, focused on the idea of how we, as Americans and global citizens, customize information to our liking, and the consequences which rise to the surface as a result of this. Are post-knowledge societies, which are extremely individualized, affecting our ability to reach commonalities and value the common good? These questions were posed at the event and continue to weigh on us long after.