The Marymount Center

The Marymount Institute has created the Marymount Center, a physical space intended to carry on and exemplify the Marymount dedication to spirituality and the arts. The center includes the Gailhac Community Lounge and the interdenominational Marymount Center for Prayer and Peace, featuring a stained glass window designed by Genevieve Underwood, RSHM.

The center is in the northeast corner of the third floor of University Hall, and serves as a place for quiet contemplation for the campus community.


(Marymount Institute artist in residence Will Pupa's sculpture of the nine muses

resides in the Margaret R Bove Meditation and Sculpture Garden)


The Marymount Center includes two outdoor patios:

1. The Pelissier Patio - Just outside the Marymount Center suite, the Pelissier Patio is an open-air sitting area overlooking the Pacific Ocean

2. The Margaret R. Bove Meditation and Sculpture Garden - Accessible from the Marymount Center lounge, the Margaret R. Bove Meditation and Sculpture Garden is a peaceful resting area featuring a beautiful sculpture of The Nine Muses by Will Pupa.