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At LMU we support the teacher scholar model. Meaningful research places LMU faculty at the forefront of their fields, enhances the instructional experiences offered to students, and helps make the higher learning environment all the more exciting. By collaborating with faculty, students develop valuable hands-on skills and bring together indispensable firsthand experiences to the challenge and excitement of discovery and creation.

This site identifies resources available to faculty to assist them in their scholarly and creative activities.




Latest Updates:

IRB Protocol Modifications

Any change in a study's design, activities, staff members, or documents must be approved by the IRB before being implemented.  All changes you make should be clearly described in the addendum and reflected in bold font.  Attach cover page checking the box marked “addendum” with required signatures.   

Please see IRB site for more information and forms. 


Examples of study modifications:

  • A new or revised consent form
  • Conducting interviews/focus groups via Zoom/electronically vs. in person
  • The addition of video or audio recording
  • Revised enrollment criteria
  • Revised study activities
  • Extension of the study period
  • A new or added study investigator, including a temporary change of principal investigator, or research staff
  • A new or added study site (facility)
  • Any update or change to survey or questionnaire materials


Obtaining signed consent electronically:

If your study has a specific requirement for written signed consent as the only acceptable form of consent for some or all of your participants, you must continue to obtain signed consent from subjects enrolled remotely.  You can do this using Adobe sign. 

If study has been paused due to COVID-19:

  • If your study requires annual renewal (i.e. study has an IRB expiration date): Report the enrollment pause in the Continuing Review form, at the time of your next continuing review.
  • If study does not require annual renewal (i.e. no IRB expiration date): You do not need to report the enrollment pause to the IRB.