Institutional Research and Decision Support

Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRDS) supports Loyola Marymount University in meeting its mission by producing research-based facts, analyses, and recommendations for policy development and decision making. IRDS adds value by bringing statistical and social science research methods to bear on the large amount of untapped data found throughout the university's functional offices. We produce statistical reports ranging from simple counts and tabulations to complex estimates of the effects of university policies or programs intended to improve student success. The staff is engaged in:

  • Conducting original policy research to improve the administration and practices of the University
  • Providing leadership to instill a culture of evidence-based decision making
  • Publishing the university's official statistics

IRDS is a service office and should be viewed as a university resource. Unlike many IR offices that report to the budget officer this office is housed under Academic Affairs. Thus, although any member of the LMU community can utilize our services, we especially embrace our duty to help members of the academic community. Chairs, deans, directors, and executive management need information to make informed decisions and IRDS can provide it.