The latest reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965--the Higher Education Opportunity Act--requires institutions of higher education to provide various statistics and links publicly. This web page represents IR's contribution to these requirements. Many of the required descriptions listed below are satisfied by pointing to the Common Data Set section of the IR website and by linking to other LMU websites. New public reporting is housed here until (and if) it becomes part of more regular reporting.


SECTION 111/132

  • Mission Statement - Mission and Goals
  • Undergraduate applications, admissions, and enrollments (sections C1, D2 and B1) - 2013-4 CDS
  • SAT/ACT Middle 50% scores used for admissions (section C9) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Fall 2013 proportion of undergraduate degree-seeking students who began as transfer students: - 18.1%
  • Full-time/part-time enrollments at all levels (section B1) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Fall 2013 proportion of degree-seekers who are new transfer students - 6.2%
  • Male/female student breakdown (sections B1, D2) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Percent of new freshmen cohort from within state, out of state, and international (section B2) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Percent of new freshmen cohort by ethnicity (section B2) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Fall 2013 percent of new freshmen cohort with a registered disability - 4.0%
  • New freshmen 4, 6, and 8 year graduation rates (section B7-11) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Number of completions awarded (section B3) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Most popular major completions (section J1) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Student to faculty ratio, number of FT/PT faculty, and number of graduate assistants (section I2) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Student Life
  • Loyola Marymount 2013-2014 University Bulletin - Degree Requirements: Transfer Credits
  • Wage Data, Bureau of Labor Statistics - U.S. Labor Statistics
  • Cost of Attendance for New Freshmen cohort, on campus (section G1) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Cost of Attendance for new freshmen, off campus (section G5) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Average annual grant awarded to new freshmen, including Federal, state, and institutional aid (section H2k) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Total grant aid awarded to undergraduate students from Fed, state institution, and other sources (section H1) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Percent of new freshmen receiving Fed, state, and institutional grants, loans, and other aid publicly or through institution(section H2d) - 2013-4 CDS
  • Two-year Cohort Default Rate (entered repayment in 2011-12 academic year) - 8.47%

SECTION 488(a)/485(a)