Outside the Classroom

Male and female student in LMU spirit mark shirts at athletics event
Virtual Student EXPerience
Student engagement and co-curricular activities are essential parts of your learning experience. Student Affairs is working to provide as many ways as possible for you to get involved and connect with your fellow Lions outside the classroom. Visit the Student Affairs EXPerience site to see all the programs and services LMU has to offer.
African Americal male student using desktop computer
Career and Professional Development
At CPD, our first priority is your professional development, as we work with employers, recruiters and alumni to bring about exciting career opportunities tailored to your strengths and interests. It is our firm belief that LMU’s diverse academic community is made up of the leaders, innovators and healers of tomorrow, so our dedicated staff is pleased to assist with your endeavors along the way.
Sacred Heart Chapel in the distance with flower garden in the foreground
Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry reaches out to support students of all faith backgrounds -- all those searching for deeper meaning in their lives. In Campus Ministry, students will find a welcoming environment where they can express their faith passionately, share their questions, and discern their vocation in community.
Female student looking down on city
Study Abroad
Explore opportunities to live and learn abroad at LMU.