Officers and Members on Campus

Executive Committee

  • President: Nicolas Rosenthal
  • Secretary: Brianne Gilbert
  • Vice-President: Carla Bittel
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Eich
  • Historian: Lance Blakesley

Members on Campus

Bellarmine College Liberal Arts

Asian and Pacific Studies

  • Thomas Plate, Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Studies


  • Prachi Jain, Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Inas Kelly, Associate Professor of Economics
  • James Konow, Professor of Economics


  • Julia Lee, Assistant Professor of English
  • Alexandra Neel, Associate Professor of English
  • Judy Park, Associate Professor of English
  • Katherine Pickert, Assistant Professor of English
  • John Sebastian, Vice President for Ministry and Mission, Professor of English


  • Carla Bittel, Associate Professor of History
  • Constance Chen, Associate Professor of History
  • Anthony Perron, Associate Professor of History
  • Nicolas G. Rosenthal, Associate Professor of History

Modern Languages and Literatures

  • Jennifer Eich, Professor of Spanish


  • V. Martin Nemoianu, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Eric Perl, Professor of Philosophy

Political Science

  • Lance Blakesley, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Feryal Cherif, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Andrew Dilts, Associate Professor of Political Science


  • Adam W. Fingerhut, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Richard Gilbert, Professor of Psychology
  • Joseph LaBrie, Professor of Psychology


  • Stacy Burns, Professor of Sociology
  • Ravaris Moore, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Theological Studies

  • Sarah Emanuel, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies
  • Brett Hoover, Associate Professor of Theological Studies
  • Matthew Petrusek, Associate Professor of Theological Studies
  • Jonathan Rothchild, BCLA Associate Dean, Professor of Theological Studies

Urban and Environmental Studies

  • Mona Seymour, Associate Professor of Urban and Environmental Studies

Women's and Gender Studies

  • Robbin Crabtree, BCLA Dean, Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

Seaver College of Science and Engineering


  • Sarah Joy Bittick, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Kam Dahlquist, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Cheryl Hertz, Senior Lecturer, Biology

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Sarah Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Thomas Poon, Executive Vice President and Provost, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry


  • Alissa Crans, Professor of Mathematics
  • Jacqueline Dewar, Professor Emerita of Mathematics
  • Suzanne Larson, Professor of Mathematics
  • Timothy Law Snyder, LMU President, Professor of Mathematics

College of Communications and Fine Arts

Theatre and Dance

  • Daphnie Sicre, Assistant Professor of Theatre

School of Education

  • David Sapp, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Professor of Educational Leadership

Staff and Researchers

  • Vishnu Akella, Research Associate, Center for the Study of Los Angeles
  • Brianne Gilbert, Associate Director, Center for the Study of Los Angeles
  • Chris Schmader, Research Associate, Office of Assessment
  • Elizabeth Wimberly, Associate Director, Office of Research and Creative Arts

Loyola Law School

  • Ellen Aprill, Professor of Law
  • Jan Costello, Professor of Law
  • Bryan Hull, Professor of Law
  • Gary Craig, Clinical Professor of Law
  • Theodore Seto, Professor of Law
  • Kimberly West-Faulcon, Professor of Law